Sunday, March 19, 2017

Getting a trunky call, a baptism, and some cracker jacks....

     Hello family and friends!

    We had set up to do hair cuts with one of our members. His name is Tuli. Just to say this is the first hair cut I have had in this ward! So that's like more than 6 weeks... Also quick note... It has been 6 weeks here. Transfers are this week... So weird! I'll update yous when I know whats happening!

      One great thing that happened this week was our New Investigator! His name is Nick! He is half Fijian Indian and half Indonesian. He went to the temple with his friend who is a member and the missionaries at the temple sent him to us! He is agnostic. So he believes in a higher power just not necessarily a God. He is totally open to learning though! He wants to understand what we are all about and he felt a big pull towards the Christus statue at the Visitors Center. So he is really keen to understand what is it that we believe and what he needs to doWe have our next appointment with him Tomorrow at 5 and we have a member coming out to that with us. We are very excited to see what he thinks. He also said that he wants to try out our church soon but was going to wait until we talked to him a bit more about it!

     Biggest news of the week probably happened on Saturday. I am still buzzing out about this. So usually about 3 months before a missionary goes home they will get a call asking how they are planning on getting home and where they are going to. We call it our "Trunky Call". So one of our senior couples is leaving....Well now left I guess. They left on Sunday.  Sister Jackson was the Mission Secretary. So she would do all that kind of stuff. So we got a call from her on Saturday and we figured she was calling to say goodbye and to tell us to get in touch with her when we got home... Well nah. She said "Elder Seelos, this is your Trunky Call!" I almost died... Seriously. They did it early and so I still have like 4 months but I was so surprised!!!! So guess I am coming home soon... My Release date is the 25th on July. I will be put on a flight leaving Auckland that night at around 7:30. Just so you know.

     Remember Grace from Henderson? Well she is getting baptized on Wednesday and I am going! I am so excited!!!! So that is super exciting!

     We were able to meet with our Investigator Lima on Wednesday. She forgot that we were coming over and was just waking up. She still sat down with us though. We went through the Restoration Pamphlet with her because she hadn't read through it yet. She was great with it all until we talked about how Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus and that he brought the only true church back on the earth. So she basically asked if that meant that her church wasn't true... Well we told her that it kinda meant that but not fully. So we tried to help her understand but then she had to go so we are seeing her tonight. Fingers crossed it all goes well!!!

    So my spiritual though comes from an article that I read last week. I just looked to try to find the article but it is nowhere to be found. It was on last week. So it was about how to make our prayers more meaningful. They talked about how after asking God for everything we think we need we can follow the example of Jesus Christ and tell God that not our will but His be done. If we truly mean this it will make a huge impact on what we see and the trials that will go on in our lives. I have been doing this for the last few days and it really has helped me to see why we go through what we do. I really would love to invite you to think about this and making it a part of your prayers. 

Love yous all so much! 

     Love Elder Seelos

Just because I was thinking of my dad, I went to a huge Botanical Garden the other day.  These are a couple of their aloe plants.

They are HUGE!!

We get excited about weird stuff of our members gave us a box of cracker jacks!  

Lucky me!

Just chillin...

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