Sunday, June 26, 2016

Wet Week!

So this week was a good one but it was pretty wet. Rained basically everyday! Good thing I got some good coats! We have a mean heater in our flat so we make sure to keep it warm in there so that we will not be sick! Staying safe and healthy!

     To start off the week we had a mean FHE with a member family Monday night! We had a less active guy named George come to that and it was great to see him open up and be a part of the FHE. He loves getting out of his house because of the drinking and smoking that is always taking place there. He is really trying to become better! Its really cool to see the changes he is making. It is hard though because he told us that now he has to work Sundays... He has worked so hard for this job and now he cant come to Church. So we are going to keep teaching him and working with him!

      One thing that we are really trying to work on is finding and teaching the part member families in the ward. We were able to visit a few families that Bishop gave us to try to work with. We had a few good lessons with them and are planning on going back and seeing them all again this week! It is hard to see how much potential there is in this ward that we cant figure out how to unlock! We have so much work that we cant seem to do! We try and try and we end up in the same place. Sometimes it feels like we are trying to push a brick wall forward...

         On Wednesday we had the chance to go on trade off with the Assistants. I went with Elder Maxfield to the North Shore. It was really nice to get to spend the time with Elder Maxfield! ( He is from Farmington and went to Viewmont ) It was also weird going to North Shore. I didn't completely love it! As much as I hate worrying about Dogs and crazies in The Hood, I will miss it down here when I have to go!  It is Heaven in Da' Hood! 

       So funny story. We were suppose to get fed on Sunday by a family in the ward but She was sick and he was in Samoa for a Funeral. So another member cooked for them and for us. Well they cooked a normal sized feed for us, but then they dropped it off. So normally we eat at the house and then the other food is eaten by the family after we leave. Well they gave us the whole feed then left... So we had HEAPS of food! I'll send a pic!

        One of the things I studied this week was Diligence. One of the Scriptures that really stood out to me was D&C 123:12-14

12. For there are many yet on the earth among all sects, parties, and denominations, who are blinded by the subtle craftiness of men, whereby they lie in wait to deceive, and who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it—

 13. Therefore, that we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness, wherein we know them; and they are truly manifest from heaven—

 14. These should then be attended to with great earnestness.

I love how this says that others Salvation depend on us. When we are diligent we can effect the salvation of so many others! I am so happy that I get to be here helping so many others! I know that there is no other place that I would rather be! I love this gospel and all that it teaches! 

Love yous! 
Love Elder Seelos!
Our Sunday feed!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Rueben's Baptism!

 I guess to start off! Happy Fathers Day Dad! I have to be honest I had no idea it was Fathers day! They don't have Fathers day here the same time, So I never would have known... So Happy Fathers Day Dad!!! Haha. Love you!

     The biggest highlight of the week was our Baptism on Saturday! It was so good to see Reuben FINALLY get Baptized! We have been working with Reuben ever since I got here! It was a long journey but we are only a third of the way there and I think this was the easy part... We are really going to shift our focus onto the Brother, Jordan, and the Mum, Melaina. Jordan is a part of the Catholic Church now and has been going there for a while, and the Mum isn't married... So we are really trying to progress that! We are trying to give them that desire to follow Reubens example. We will see what happens.

       We also had Ward Conference this week. So that was SOOO much fun!! We had activities all week long! Every night Tuesday to Sunday we had things on. Tuesday was our Rescue Night where the Ward Council went out and did visits to heaps of people and invited them to the whole week! Wednesday was a Family Movie Night. They watched Kung fu Panda 3 and Meet the Mormons. We watched Meet the Mormons! Thursday was the Family History Night. We had appointments that night so we didn't go to that. Friday was our favorite night! We had a Culture night! All of the Auxiliaries made up dances from different cultures across the world and have been practicing for a few months now. We were part of Elders Quorum who had South Africa! It was mean as! The dances were so cool! It was just a fun as night! then Saturday was the Baptism and Sunday we had a ward feed!

        So Sunday we had a busy as day... We started with Ward Council at 8. Church at 11. Which was really weird because we only had Sacrament Meeting. At the end of Sacrament meeting Bishop got up and told us that we would have no classes and everyone can just go home... It was so strange... We then had a really cool missionary meeting with the ward leaders across 5-6 stakes at 3. It was all just about what the ward council needs to do more of to get the missionary work going even faster. It was basically telling the ward council all of the things we have wanted to but are not in the place to tell them! We then had the Come and See Fire side at 6:30 then went home! It was completely full of meetings!!! It was crazy!

            One things I have learned is never giving up. Always invite. No matter how many times you have invited someone to something or invited to church or anything still go back. Never give up. You will eventually make some sort of impact. They will if nothing else feel of the love that you have for them. And that would be worth it!

                                Love you all! 

                                                Love Elder Seelos

Rueben's Baptism
I was so glad Elder Bass was able to come back to our area

Friday night ward activity

We love the Mafi's!
Note from Mason's mom- This is Mason's elder's quorum performing their dance at the ward party.  A sister in the ward took a video and sent it to me.   It is so fun to watch!  I had no idea Mason had such good dance moves! (he is the one in the white shirt on the front row on the far right)  Worth the watch:) 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Baptism on Saturday!!

 Hey Family! Sorry we are late today! We spent some good time cleaning this morning! It was really good! So we have a bit of a cleaner flat today! Its nice to know that! I figured you would like to know that mom! 

     So this week has been just a really good week overall!! Nothing really huge happened but it was just a good working week! It has been awesome! We have had like a million appointments and have taught so many lessons! I have seriously loved it! Its so cool to feel like you know what your doing and that you have people to work with! This ward is seriously a miracle! We have heard that other missionaries have tried to compare our ward to theirs with President Balli and he told them that they can't compare any ward to ours because it is not comparable. This ward is just amazing! Its full of miracles! 

       So Reuban's Baptism is this week! So we are so excited about that! Its cool to see how the ward has just embraced them so much! Like in other wards they just will like say hi to new people but this ward just takes them and runs with them! Its so cool to see how the ward is so ready and prepared to do missionary work! He will have the Interview on Wednesday and there are no real worries there and then the Baptism on Saturday at 3! 

       One issue we have been dealing with this week is Dogs... We are like in the Hood so there are heaps of big scary mean dogs around. So we are just trying to stay safe! We just have to be careful what gates we open and how close we get to other houses! So its just an interesting problem that we deal with on a daily basis! Most the times the dogs just don't want us to be on their "Turf" so as long as we are not in the gate or closer to the house they will be fine. So we just are figuring out what houses to avoid! We have been pretty jumpy! 

       We were able to teach Kara 2 times this week! It was really weird.... She is a 15 year old girl that some members brought to us and then just basically left her with us. So no one comes to the lessons with her. So we teach her at the chapel, in one of the rooms and try to make it not look sketchy. She is really really REALLY shy! She basically wont talk to us and she is basically getting forced to take the lessons so she doesn't have a huge desire to learn or do anything... Its just really hard to try to get anything out of her! We are going to try to give her to the Sisters in the ward she actually lives in!

        One thing I have been thinking about in the last few days in the story of the Nephites! Everyone can look at themselves as if they are the Nephites. They go through good times and they go through bad times! But the promise was ALWAYS there. The Lord says Jarom 1:9 

And thus being prepared to meet the Lamanites, they did not prosper against us. But the word of the Lord was verified, which he spake unto our fathers, saying that: Inasmuch as ye will keep my commandments ye shall prosper in the land.
      That promise will still apply to us. The Nephites were protected as they kept the commandments! We will not only be protected but will be helped through our lives and the Lord is going to give us the aid we need! Its an amazing promise!

         I am loving it with Elder Summers! He is seriously awesome! He is a great cook so we are eating a Whole lot better! Its really good! We have made Chicken strips, Burgers, Stir Fry's, and Normal foods! Its really great! We are going to hit up a Thrift shop today to get more cooking things!

Love Yous! 

Love Elder Seelos

Zone Conference

Sunday, June 5, 2016

What's up?

Well hello there! Great to hear from you this week! So the big news of the week! I have a new companion! So I was really excited to get that! I was so happy when I heard the news that I was getting Elder Summers! Elder Bass was pretty sad to have to leave and go to a new area, but thats how it is I guess! Its pretty hard to leave area's you come to love so much, but thankfully I stayed and so I am doing great! Elder Summers is from Murry, and goes home in November. So he has about 6 months left, Thankfully not trunky! I am really happy to get to be with a companion that has been out for longer than me! It is really great to know I do have someone to rely on that actually knows what he is doing! Its a good change! This is the first time since Elder Dunn. That is a REALLY long time!

     So with transfers and everything there was a lot of time lost this week trying to get everything set up for the new missionaries. We have a new companionship of Tongan Elders that just moved into the new Tongan ward. So we have been moving them into their new flat and helping them learn the area, which has been interesting! They have a new flat so we have to help them get into that. We ended up losing a lot of Proselyting time from our errands. 

      So funny story that you may have heard from Facebook... Elder Bass got "Beat up".... by the ground... He slipped and fell on a wet wooden deck and fell right on his face and got a huge gash in his lip and got dazed and fell a few more times before he fell into the house and we cleaned him up. It was really bad at the moment, but very funny now! He had to go to The Mission Office and then to the Hospital and get stitches. He had 2 bug cuts in his lip and a half an inch piece of wood in his lip. So that was really stink, but kind of funny now! So just so you know he didn't actually get beat up.

       Idk if you remember Kara from a few weeks ago, but she SHOWED up to church yesterday. ON HER OWN! It was so cool! She just walked up and I was like what the heck! Hey Kara! So we taught her in Gospel Principles and set up an appointment for Wednesday. So please keep her in your prayers that she will make it there and we can see her! 

        We had a few appointments with the Isaako's this week that fell through. So we will see them tonight and be able to teach them! Please keep them all in your prayers also. We want to see them so badly and see them progress! 

    Well thats basically my week! It was a pretty fun week and I am very happy with all that I got to do this week! 

    Love you! 
          Love Elder Seelos
Our last picture as companions

My picture wall

Poor Elder Bass...he wrote home today and told his mom he was beet up by a gang.  A little while later he wrote her and told her he tripped up the wet stairs...she wasn't very happy!