Sunday, June 5, 2016

What's up?

Well hello there! Great to hear from you this week! So the big news of the week! I have a new companion! So I was really excited to get that! I was so happy when I heard the news that I was getting Elder Summers! Elder Bass was pretty sad to have to leave and go to a new area, but thats how it is I guess! Its pretty hard to leave area's you come to love so much, but thankfully I stayed and so I am doing great! Elder Summers is from Murry, and goes home in November. So he has about 6 months left, Thankfully not trunky! I am really happy to get to be with a companion that has been out for longer than me! It is really great to know I do have someone to rely on that actually knows what he is doing! Its a good change! This is the first time since Elder Dunn. That is a REALLY long time!

     So with transfers and everything there was a lot of time lost this week trying to get everything set up for the new missionaries. We have a new companionship of Tongan Elders that just moved into the new Tongan ward. So we have been moving them into their new flat and helping them learn the area, which has been interesting! They have a new flat so we have to help them get into that. We ended up losing a lot of Proselyting time from our errands. 

      So funny story that you may have heard from Facebook... Elder Bass got "Beat up".... by the ground... He slipped and fell on a wet wooden deck and fell right on his face and got a huge gash in his lip and got dazed and fell a few more times before he fell into the house and we cleaned him up. It was really bad at the moment, but very funny now! He had to go to The Mission Office and then to the Hospital and get stitches. He had 2 bug cuts in his lip and a half an inch piece of wood in his lip. So that was really stink, but kind of funny now! So just so you know he didn't actually get beat up.

       Idk if you remember Kara from a few weeks ago, but she SHOWED up to church yesterday. ON HER OWN! It was so cool! She just walked up and I was like what the heck! Hey Kara! So we taught her in Gospel Principles and set up an appointment for Wednesday. So please keep her in your prayers that she will make it there and we can see her! 

        We had a few appointments with the Isaako's this week that fell through. So we will see them tonight and be able to teach them! Please keep them all in your prayers also. We want to see them so badly and see them progress! 

    Well thats basically my week! It was a pretty fun week and I am very happy with all that I got to do this week! 

    Love you! 
          Love Elder Seelos
Our last picture as companions

My picture wall

Poor Elder Bass...he wrote home today and told his mom he was beet up by a gang.  A little while later he wrote her and told her he tripped up the wet stairs...she wasn't very happy!

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