Sunday, May 29, 2016

It's been a great birthday!

  Well to start off I wanted to thank you all for the Great Birthday Wishes! I am sorry if I was not able to send you a personal Thank you because of the fact that I had 42 Emails today... By Far my weekly Record! Thank you and I love you all too!!

    So the biggest Highlight of the week was the Baptism that we had on Saturday! It was so great to see Malua get Baptized! It has felt like a LONG time and now he is done... It's kind of sad. It was so amazing to get to see him be baptized. He was so ready and prepared! Its amazing how he has been set up by the Lord for us to help... It shows me how it isnt really us. Its the Lord and his work. Its so great to see that!

    One funny Insert about the baptism. So I was asked to give the talk on baptism, well after correcting my name on the draft program From Sea-lo to Seelos. The program came out as Sheelo. So yeah.... Islanders find it SOOOOOO hard to say my name! Haha

     We had the chance to go to MLC this week. I love MLC, It is so great to spend the time in the mission home! MLC is always so great and we always have so much we can learn! I have really developed that loved for President Balli. He is such an amazing guy and I don't know if I could deal with all he has to!

     So Elder Bass set up with one of our ward members to have a surprise birthday party at their house this morning when we were suppose to be having a zone devotional. Well all the missionaries surprised me at Lynn's house (  Lynn is the lady that I am with in the pic. She is a convert of about a year, and elder bass and I visit usually twice a week!)  with food and a BIG Breakfast! It was so awesome to be with all the missionaries and I really felt so loved! It was so amazing!!! 

    Sorry for the Short Email! But have a good amount I have to do today!

              Love Elder Seelos!
Baptism Day

Malua, Elder Bass, & I

Cool picture of a cool missionary

It's really not that hard SEE-LOS!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Seelos!

My birthday package from home

BYU Rugby!

New ties from home!

Birthday party for me!

My birthday cake

Panoramic photos are fun...:)

A great birthday!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lots of progress to report!

Well this week was an awesome one! We got to have Stake Conference this week so that made the Weekend good! So Yeah...

    On Friday we had a great day! We were able to go to the Stake Activity that night. It was at a Rec Center in a different Zone so we got permission to go to that for our Zone. Which was really cool! We were able to take Malua to that and he is basically already a member... Its so cool how the ward has taken him and just loved him! We are SOOOOO excited to get to see him be baptized on Saturday! We are really so happy! It is so cool to see how ready and prepared he is! I sure love him! He really is like the coolest guy! We asked him what a prophet was to him and after his explanation he said "And that's a Prophet, Mate!" Haha. It was Crack-Up! 

      We saw the Isaako's this week! On Tuesday we went for a visit and after our lesson on the scriptures we talked about baptism! To interject, one thing Elder Bass has been trying to work on is being more bold in his teaching. For myself I don't find this as too much of a problem. So I just sat back at the end of the lesson and was just waiting for him to bring up baptism, and he actually did really well! He just threw it out there and that really isn't like him so it was good to see him step out a bit! Back to the story, we talked about baptism again and we set Rueben for the 18th of June. So we are really hoping to get him ready for that day! We know he is ready! Hes a great kid!

      Another crazy story this week! Elder Bass and I went to see a less active Cook Island man in our ward. Well he has a big mean pitbull... So you can already see where this is going... Well it is tied up on the side of the house. So we were talking to the grandson at the door and he told us that the Grandpa was asleep. So we were chatting with the kid and the dog was barking. Well eventually he ended up breaking lose from the rope that was holding him back from killing us. So I was closer to the gate so as I heard him run at us I went (ran) out the gate and closed it. Well as I turned around to let Elder Bass out the kid came out and the dog backed off and ended up not getting either of us... So thankfully no issues with this dog. But Elder Bass almost lost a leg or something! It was bad, but kind of funny!

     Just a quick update on Kara. So she texted us on Thursday! Which was REALLY unexpected! It was really cool! So we set up an appointment at the chapel on Saturday. We were very excited then she ended up not coming. We haven't been able to talk to her lately but we are hoping that we can get in contact again.

    So one thing that I have been studying this week is agency. I have found a few scriptures in the Book Of Mormon that I have loved. One that stuck out is Alma 41: 6-7. It is kind of an out there one, but I love the Last Sentence. It tells us that we are our own judges of Good and Evil. We ultimately have the knowledge to choose Good or Evil. So we are all blessed with that knowledge. So it is really all up to us. We cannot be acted upon. We have to choose for ourselves!

      Thanks for the Emails! Love you!!!

             Elder Seelos
Elder Seelos and Chek (Just got his Mel. Priesthood)

Our ward sang in Stake Conference

2 studs

Sister in the ward! Sister Ta'ala (Choir Director)

A hand delivered package for my birthday!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Lovin South Auckland!

  Man, its already been a whole week since I talked to yous! That went by SO Fast! Seriously. That is crazy! It flew by for me. Hopefully it went just as fast for you! 

      So this week has been a pretty good one! We will start off saying that we had a Pretty Great Sunday! We literally filled our Gospel Principles Class! It was seriously so fun! It was SO packed! We filled the class room! Like it was Packed! We were teaching the Restoration and we used these cups to build a tower and every cup has a different meaning and then it all falls down and we restore it. It was so cool! We had one Investigator at Sacrament (Malua) and then a member brought a new Non-Member for us to teach. Her name is Kara. She is about 16 and she came with her friend that is in our ward. Basically we have no idea how interested she really is. The friends Grandma basically handed her to us and said come and teach her. So we have no idea how it will all go, but we are hoping we can set-up something for this week and get to find out if she is getting forced into it or really wants it!

     So an update on Malua. He is still doing AWESOME! Hes just now waiting for the baptism. Which is on the 28th. So its all just about keeping him on track. We have finished all of the lessons in less then 2 weeks! So hes amazing! His wife and fellowship are awesome! They are keeping track of him and we will hopefully see him tonight!

     This weekend was the anniversary of the Restoration of the Priesthood, so the Young Men had a Sleep over at the Young Men's president's house on Friday night and then went up a mountain on Saturday Morning. So they asked us to go with them and share a little dealeo on the Restoration of the Priesthood. So that was at 6 in the morning. Which was pretty early... So that was actually pretty fun! It was weird to be talking to Young Men as a missionary... Although it was really cool! Its just weird how old I am...

     Lets think of a funny story from the week..... Well! On Tuesday morning when Elder Bass was in the shower the power went out... Again. So that sucked! Well we called the Land Lord and he said he would send someone over. Well no one came all day and then at about 9:30 he called saying they would be over at about 10. So he came over with the Electrician. Well apparently one of the lights was very broken and basically caught fire in the ceiling. So the power went out!  He said that he had to replace all of the lights right then... So he was over until 1:30 am changing the lights! There were 4 of us that night because we were doing trade offs so Elder Bass fell asleep at about 10:30 and slept through the whole thing!! It was so funny! But then we finally got to bed about 2 am. It was great!

    Well, that's my week! Love you all!
                                      Love, Elder Seelos

Our Young Men's Priesthood camp out

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey everyone! 

     Don't have too much time to Email today, But I will give you all a little update on everything!

     So I was able to Skype with my Family today and I was so happy to see everyone was happy and safe! So thank you to everyone who has been a part of helping my family out! I really appreciate all of the time that everyone takes out to talk to my mom even if all you may hear about is me!

      So Update on what is happening in the area, The Isaako Family was not able to attend Church this Sunday. So that was not very good. We will have to push back the baptism date because of that... Which is really sad. So it was really hard to see them come so close to baptism, but then turn away from it. So we will still be trying to get them to prepare to be baptized on the 28th. So keep them in your prayers!

      Next update on Malua, he is still set to be baptized on the 28th. He is still really ready and so happy to be getting baptized! We have like 2 lessons left then we will be done and just be keeping him on until he gets baptized. So that is great! 

     So one great thing that we were able to do this week was give HEAPS of blessings! We are loving the chance to get to go around and bless the people of auckland! We gave 4 blessings in one day! Its so great to really see people break into tears from a blessing we are able to give!

     Sorry for the short Email, but I will be better next week! Sorry!

     Love you all! Have a great week! Love yous!!

                               Love Elder Seelos

                               P day golfing pictures

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Whazz up?

  Hey Fam! 

     So just to start off this week went by so flippin' fast! I cant believe that it is already time for a new Email! Over all I am loving it in Favona! We are really seeing heaps of amazing miracles this week and can really see the Lord working through us to accomplish his work!

    On Wednesday we had the chance to go to MLC, or Mission Leadership Council. Our Mission President, President Balli has a HUGE vision of EVERYONE baptizing in May. So we had a meeting about what it is that we need to do to Baptize in May. So we climbed a Mountain. We did what the Prophets of Old did when they needed to talk to the Lord and get Inspiration. So we talked about the 4 things we need to do to improve as missionaries. 1. Increase our Faith, 2. Increase our Vision, 3. Increase our Skills, and Last Increase our Obedience. So we were then able to take that and climb a mountain with our Zone the next day. We talked about the 4 things and had a great time!

    We got to go on trade off with the Assistant's on Friday! That was a great learning Experience for me! I got to be with Elder Maxfield from Farmington, Utah! It was really fun to get to talk to him about home and who he knew and everything! It was very fun to get to talk to someone about home! We got to hear from Elder Bass that he was able to teach a New Part-Member family and was able to set Malua Fatialofa. He is an older Samoan Guy, who has been going to church for a while now. He just moved back from Australia, and basically wants to be baptized. So they taught him on Friday and then we taught him on Saturday, and Sunday, and will be teaching him tonight also. So it has been really exciting! He will be baptized either on the 14th or the 28th. He is deciding what day. Originally we talked about the 28th but yesterday we asked if he wanted to get baptized earlier, and he will let us know tonight!

     Now on the Isaako's, Rueben is still let for the 14th for his baptism. Melaina is still trying to figure out what she wants to do with her marriage, So we are hoping that she will show some progress. Jordan just got baptized in the Catholic Church yesterday. We are not sure how it went but we are still hoping he will change his mind to be with Rueben at his baptism! 

     We also celebrated Elder Bass' birthday this week.  The Mafi's threw him a big party, with his favorite dinner and presents.  They also had a video from his mom and girlfriend.  The Party was really fun! Elder Bass was really surprised so that was really good! I was really happy! He said it made his whole day! He told me it didn't really feel like his birthday until then! 

   Thank you for your prayers and Love!

        Love Elder Seelos

Lots of pictures this week

Zone Training

Our hike up the hill

The mighty Penrose Zone

Elder Bass' party

And more party....

We love p-day bowling!

Bowling crew

Ski ball tickets!
The Mafi's baby is so cute!


The guys....

I decided to make my own skinny tie....

I cut it up and make it skinny. I took 4 centimeters off of it.

MLC mountain climb!