Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lots of progress to report!

Well this week was an awesome one! We got to have Stake Conference this week so that made the Weekend good! So Yeah...

    On Friday we had a great day! We were able to go to the Stake Activity that night. It was at a Rec Center in a different Zone so we got permission to go to that for our Zone. Which was really cool! We were able to take Malua to that and he is basically already a member... Its so cool how the ward has taken him and just loved him! We are SOOOOO excited to get to see him be baptized on Saturday! We are really so happy! It is so cool to see how ready and prepared he is! I sure love him! He really is like the coolest guy! We asked him what a prophet was to him and after his explanation he said "And that's a Prophet, Mate!" Haha. It was Crack-Up! 

      We saw the Isaako's this week! On Tuesday we went for a visit and after our lesson on the scriptures we talked about baptism! To interject, one thing Elder Bass has been trying to work on is being more bold in his teaching. For myself I don't find this as too much of a problem. So I just sat back at the end of the lesson and was just waiting for him to bring up baptism, and he actually did really well! He just threw it out there and that really isn't like him so it was good to see him step out a bit! Back to the story, we talked about baptism again and we set Rueben for the 18th of June. So we are really hoping to get him ready for that day! We know he is ready! Hes a great kid!

      Another crazy story this week! Elder Bass and I went to see a less active Cook Island man in our ward. Well he has a big mean pitbull... So you can already see where this is going... Well it is tied up on the side of the house. So we were talking to the grandson at the door and he told us that the Grandpa was asleep. So we were chatting with the kid and the dog was barking. Well eventually he ended up breaking lose from the rope that was holding him back from killing us. So I was closer to the gate so as I heard him run at us I went (ran) out the gate and closed it. Well as I turned around to let Elder Bass out the kid came out and the dog backed off and ended up not getting either of us... So thankfully no issues with this dog. But Elder Bass almost lost a leg or something! It was bad, but kind of funny!

     Just a quick update on Kara. So she texted us on Thursday! Which was REALLY unexpected! It was really cool! So we set up an appointment at the chapel on Saturday. We were very excited then she ended up not coming. We haven't been able to talk to her lately but we are hoping that we can get in contact again.

    So one thing that I have been studying this week is agency. I have found a few scriptures in the Book Of Mormon that I have loved. One that stuck out is Alma 41: 6-7. It is kind of an out there one, but I love the Last Sentence. It tells us that we are our own judges of Good and Evil. We ultimately have the knowledge to choose Good or Evil. So we are all blessed with that knowledge. So it is really all up to us. We cannot be acted upon. We have to choose for ourselves!

      Thanks for the Emails! Love you!!!

             Elder Seelos
Elder Seelos and Chek (Just got his Mel. Priesthood)

Our ward sang in Stake Conference

2 studs

Sister in the ward! Sister Ta'ala (Choir Director)

A hand delivered package for my birthday!

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