Sunday, June 25, 2017

A baptism & a goodbye to President Balli.....

This week as been awesome! I swear that the longer I have been a missionary the faster the weeks go by and the more people ask how much longer I have. I have to say that I was a bit excited and a bit sad that I was able to tell people that I only have a month left. 

     The big highlight of this week was of course Ataahua's Baptism! It went so well! We had a few hick-ups at the start but overall it went well! It just shows that Heavenly Father is totally behind missionary work and wants these things to happen. He really will put his hand in these things! It was cool to see all of the family behind not only her but her family. They have heaps of family that are really great to them and awesome examples even when they are choosing the other roads. It will be sad to see them go in a week. We have really come to love that family. They are awesome!

     Still doing heaps of service this week. We got to go and chop more wood with our members. Its starting winter now so everyone is just now deciding to get their wood for winter. It gets really cold here and so they are all getting ready. Most houses have fire places so they all need wood. Its great that they let us help though. Most times members wont let us help, but up here they do. Its great!

     We got to have trade offs this week as well. That was fun! I went with Elder Taranaki to the Zone Leaders area. They cover 2 branches, Opononi and Outaua Branches. They are mean area's. It takes about 30 minutes just to get to their area so they are really in the bush! Elder Taranaki is from New Zealand. He lives in the Hamilton mission area, but still in the Ysa ward area. So I know people that he knows from back home and I know where his house is. Its really funny to talk about! 

     We got to go down to Whangerei this week as well. That was a pretty sad experience. We went down to have our last Conference with President Balli. He goes home on the 1st of July when our new Mission President, President Walker comes in. Its really sad to see him go! Its been so great getting to have him my entire mission and getting to learn from him. It will be great to get to meet President Walker, but will be hard that I will only really get to spend about 3 weeks with him and really only see him like 2 times before I go. It will be really interesting to see what he does with our mission. 

     My spiritual thought this week come from Matthew 25:14-30. This is the Parable of the Talents. The Lord in the story gives 3 men talents or money and then leaves them. 2 of the men double their money and one hides his so he doesn't lose it. The Lord comes back and rewards the first 2 men with them keeping their money. But the 3rd man he rebukes and takes the money from him. I imagine our conversation with Heavenly Father one day will be much like this one. He will ask us what we have done with the blessings and talents that he has given us. We want to come back and tell him that we have used it and grown it, not that we have hidden it and are still the same.

     Sorry for the boring as email this week! Seems like everything every week is the same! But hopefully we will have some more good news next week! Love ya heaps!

Love Elder Seelos


The baptism.

The 2 girls poking their tongues out in the photo are the Kiro girls. The one on the Right is Ataahua

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Temple, Apostles, the flu, & lots of blessings....

     I just have to say that this has probably been one of the best and worst weeks of my mission! 

     Start off with the good. The TEMPLE! I was blessed this week with the opportunity to go to the temple. I got to attend a Sealing with Brother Malua Fatialofa. I was able to be a part of his teaching, conversion, and Baptism in May of last year. Elder Bass and I were able to go down on Friday and be with them. Well as we showed up to the temple at about 7 am we were waiting for another member to show up to be the Escort. Well another member showed up and said that Elder Anderson was outside... Like the Apostle. So of course we went outside. Well he was right. Elder Neil L. Anderson was walking around in his Track suit and a baseball cap exercising with the NZ Hamilton Mission President. He seemed a bit annoyed that we were asking for pictures while he was dressed like that, but he did it anyways. Then we told him why we were there and he switched right around. He was so happy for these two. It was cool. 

     Then we were able to go into the Temple and as we checked in the Temple worker told us that Malua had to wait for the 11:30 Session and that there was an 8:30 Session that we could make if we wanted to. So knowing that would be our last time in the temple on our missions we took the chance. So we got to do 2 Sessions that day. It was amazing. I learned to much. Then after that we went down stairs for the Sealing and that was just amazing. They were both crying and just so happy. I was so happy for them. Unfortunately the Sealing was done in Samoan so I didn't understand much, but I could defiantly feel the Spirit of it. Also on a side note. It was the Manukau Stake (my last area) Temple week, so there were heaps of members that I knew at the temple that day. It was another little blessing.

     Now for the normal news. Ata'ahua is set for this Saturday. YES! Everything is getting set up for that this week. Just have to finish the lessons. Everything is pretty solid there. Just wish us luck that she will be brave enough to do the Interview. She is an extremely shy girl! So hopefully that will go through. Her Dad came to church yesterday as well for the first time in a while and so that was mean to see him there and he stayed the whole 3 hours and for the Shared Lunch afterwards. It will be sad to see them move in a few weeks.

     We had our Branch Primary Program this week. That went well! It was fun to get to practice with the Primary kids a few times for that. It was awesome to see so many kids coming to church and so much of their family there. We had 56 in our Sacrament meeting and probably about 25 of them were kids and probably about 30 people were Less Active that came for that. It was so great! 

     Now for the Worst part of the week. I have been healthy just about my entire mission. Maybe a few colds. Thats about it. Well of course the week that has the most things and the most important things on is the week that I will be sick... I basically woke up with the flu on Thursday Morning. The day that we are suppose to bus down to Auckland. So I threw up a few times that morning. So my stomach was empty. So I just took some medicine and didn't eat. Well we took the bus ride at 1:50. Sat on the bus for about 4 hours then sat at the bus depot for 2 hours then took another 15 minute ride to our stop. We were picked up at 7:45 that night. Again I was sick the whole time. Thankfully I was empty so I didn't throw up that whole time. Well we then stayed in a flat in Auckland and went to the temple the next morning. Again just didn't eat so I didn't throw up. I was fine in the temple(Blessings). Then on the way home we stopped for food. So I ate. Thankfully I was able to sleep the rest of the car ride so I was fine. I haven't thrown up again but haven't really had an appetite the rest of the week.

     Well thats my week! Its been a great week! Transfers were this week and I am still here. So thats good. Still the same! Love ya!

Love Elder Seelos

So cool meeting Elder Anderson!

 Brother Malua Fatialofa , his wife Tara, & Elder Anderson

Best day EVER!

My new waffle maker!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Loving our branch, teaching lessons, & mini golfing.....

     Starting off sorry we were late today. We decided to go Fishing with a few of us Elders. It was fun. Very unsuccessful but fun none the less. Lets just say that NZ is an awesome place!

     GREAT NEWS!!!!! We were able to teach Ataahua (Wesley’s (LA) 9 year old daughter) a few times this week. We talked to them on Sunday after church and she is going to be baptized on the 24th of June. So we have to hurry up with the lessons but we can do it! She is going to be staying here with her Uncle who is on the High Council in the stake so she will be solid as when she moves. I am really excited! The Lord answers prayers. This will be the first Baptism in the Branch this year I think. So thats really exciting! 

     On that note. I honestly love the Awarua Branch. They are literally the best. We got to go to the branch on Sunday and the love that you can feel there is just so great! Its just a place that I want to be and I want to bring my Investigators! The members are great! They are all just like a huge family. Everyone knows everyone, they all do things together. When Sacrament started we had 26 people there. We were blessing the sacrament. Like its so small but full of spiritual giants! 

     We got to have Zone Conference this week. That was in Whangarei. Thats about an hour down towards Auckland. We had to be there by 8 so we left at about 6:50. As we were leaving Kaikohe the sun was coming up. There was fog everywhere. It was mean! Then as we were getting back the sun was setting. So it was a long day in Kaikohe. President Balli talked about using the Book Of Mormon to help solidify our Investigators. He promised us that if we could get our investigators reading the Book Of Mormon then they would not drop. So thats our focus!

     I got a GREAT Phone Call on Friday. Elder Bass called and said that the Fatialofa's (Malua, the Guy that Elder Bass and I Baptized in May last year.) are getting sealed this Friday. A mission rule is that if one of your converts are getting sealed you can go. So I called President and he said that it would be fine. So I get to take a bus to Auckland by myself on Thursday and then go to the temple on Friday and then come back to Kaikohe on a bus. Again by myself. So that part is going to be weird but will be so fun! I am so excited! 

     Transfers are this week so that is a thing. I am about 99.9% sure that I am staying here with Elder Inglis, but Ill let yous know! 

     Love ya! 

        Elder Seelos

p-day mini golfing

Our unsuccessful but very fun fishing trip

Fishing crew

More golfing fun....

We found this car in the middle of no we decided to investigate!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Birthday, Area 70, & lessons with investigators....

  So to start off my email this week I want to give a great thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate my birthday! Thanks for the emails and just thinking about me. Special thanks to the family for the wonderful book that I was sent to be able to celebrate with all of yous this year! 

     My birthday was great! I got to spend some time with the elders and we went out and had lunch at our Branch Presidents house and played with his goats. We then got to go and visit families for a while and jsut have a normal day. We also got dinner with a member. Then we finished our night with the Clarke family. They are great. One of the families that get close to all the missionaries. 

     This week the Kaikohe Stake got to have Stake Conference. Elder Coward from the Area 70 came to preside over our Conference. One great story from our conference was about my companion. So we went to the Priesthood leadership meeting at 3. Well during that meeting Elder Coward asked a question about Elder Hollands talk in General Conference October last year. Well he just asked what it was about. Elder Inglis, My companion, stood up and said "Save Souls." This was a sufficient answer we all thought. All of us except Elder Coward I guess. So he said "You know, That reminds me of something. It reminds me of my kids at Family Home Evening when they were young. They would be falling asleep and we would ask them a question and they would wake up and say "Faith" Or "Pray." Now these answers are right, but not really helpful." So we all started to laugh and we realized that my companion got roasted by an Area 70. So lets just say that has been the recurring joke the last few days!

     We finally got to sit down with Wesley this week. We saw him on Wednesday and then also on Thursday at the Kaikohe Markets. He was selling Hangis at the market. So a Hangi is a traditional New Zealand Smoker basically. They dig a hole in the ground and then put in Fire then Rocks then the food and then cover it. So the food is cooked. Its really good. Well we got that for dinner that night. Then we got to see him yesterday. We stopped by and saw the family. Well we are officially now teaching his daughters. Atahua, and Rangimarie. They are 9 and 8. He is leaving to Australia on the 4th of July and wants them baptized before he goes because Atahua is staying behind with his sister. 

     We are headed to play mini golf right now with President & Sister Balli!  They are the best!  We love them so much.  They will be going home in just a few weeks.

     Well sorry for the short email today! It was a great week though! 

     Love Elder Seelos

Birthday fun....

Playing Monopoly...

Good times....

My mean haircut from Elder Taranaki....

Elder Hopgood & I....