Sunday, June 18, 2017

Temple, Apostles, the flu, & lots of blessings....

     I just have to say that this has probably been one of the best and worst weeks of my mission! 

     Start off with the good. The TEMPLE! I was blessed this week with the opportunity to go to the temple. I got to attend a Sealing with Brother Malua Fatialofa. I was able to be a part of his teaching, conversion, and Baptism in May of last year. Elder Bass and I were able to go down on Friday and be with them. Well as we showed up to the temple at about 7 am we were waiting for another member to show up to be the Escort. Well another member showed up and said that Elder Anderson was outside... Like the Apostle. So of course we went outside. Well he was right. Elder Neil L. Anderson was walking around in his Track suit and a baseball cap exercising with the NZ Hamilton Mission President. He seemed a bit annoyed that we were asking for pictures while he was dressed like that, but he did it anyways. Then we told him why we were there and he switched right around. He was so happy for these two. It was cool. 

     Then we were able to go into the Temple and as we checked in the Temple worker told us that Malua had to wait for the 11:30 Session and that there was an 8:30 Session that we could make if we wanted to. So knowing that would be our last time in the temple on our missions we took the chance. So we got to do 2 Sessions that day. It was amazing. I learned to much. Then after that we went down stairs for the Sealing and that was just amazing. They were both crying and just so happy. I was so happy for them. Unfortunately the Sealing was done in Samoan so I didn't understand much, but I could defiantly feel the Spirit of it. Also on a side note. It was the Manukau Stake (my last area) Temple week, so there were heaps of members that I knew at the temple that day. It was another little blessing.

     Now for the normal news. Ata'ahua is set for this Saturday. YES! Everything is getting set up for that this week. Just have to finish the lessons. Everything is pretty solid there. Just wish us luck that she will be brave enough to do the Interview. She is an extremely shy girl! So hopefully that will go through. Her Dad came to church yesterday as well for the first time in a while and so that was mean to see him there and he stayed the whole 3 hours and for the Shared Lunch afterwards. It will be sad to see them move in a few weeks.

     We had our Branch Primary Program this week. That went well! It was fun to get to practice with the Primary kids a few times for that. It was awesome to see so many kids coming to church and so much of their family there. We had 56 in our Sacrament meeting and probably about 25 of them were kids and probably about 30 people were Less Active that came for that. It was so great! 

     Now for the Worst part of the week. I have been healthy just about my entire mission. Maybe a few colds. Thats about it. Well of course the week that has the most things and the most important things on is the week that I will be sick... I basically woke up with the flu on Thursday Morning. The day that we are suppose to bus down to Auckland. So I threw up a few times that morning. So my stomach was empty. So I just took some medicine and didn't eat. Well we took the bus ride at 1:50. Sat on the bus for about 4 hours then sat at the bus depot for 2 hours then took another 15 minute ride to our stop. We were picked up at 7:45 that night. Again I was sick the whole time. Thankfully I was empty so I didn't throw up that whole time. Well we then stayed in a flat in Auckland and went to the temple the next morning. Again just didn't eat so I didn't throw up. I was fine in the temple(Blessings). Then on the way home we stopped for food. So I ate. Thankfully I was able to sleep the rest of the car ride so I was fine. I haven't thrown up again but haven't really had an appetite the rest of the week.

     Well thats my week! Its been a great week! Transfers were this week and I am still here. So thats good. Still the same! Love ya!

Love Elder Seelos

So cool meeting Elder Anderson!

 Brother Malua Fatialofa , his wife Tara, & Elder Anderson

Best day EVER!

My new waffle maker!

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