Monday, June 12, 2017

Loving our branch, teaching lessons, & mini golfing.....

     Starting off sorry we were late today. We decided to go Fishing with a few of us Elders. It was fun. Very unsuccessful but fun none the less. Lets just say that NZ is an awesome place!

     GREAT NEWS!!!!! We were able to teach Ataahua (Wesley’s (LA) 9 year old daughter) a few times this week. We talked to them on Sunday after church and she is going to be baptized on the 24th of June. So we have to hurry up with the lessons but we can do it! She is going to be staying here with her Uncle who is on the High Council in the stake so she will be solid as when she moves. I am really excited! The Lord answers prayers. This will be the first Baptism in the Branch this year I think. So thats really exciting! 

     On that note. I honestly love the Awarua Branch. They are literally the best. We got to go to the branch on Sunday and the love that you can feel there is just so great! Its just a place that I want to be and I want to bring my Investigators! The members are great! They are all just like a huge family. Everyone knows everyone, they all do things together. When Sacrament started we had 26 people there. We were blessing the sacrament. Like its so small but full of spiritual giants! 

     We got to have Zone Conference this week. That was in Whangarei. Thats about an hour down towards Auckland. We had to be there by 8 so we left at about 6:50. As we were leaving Kaikohe the sun was coming up. There was fog everywhere. It was mean! Then as we were getting back the sun was setting. So it was a long day in Kaikohe. President Balli talked about using the Book Of Mormon to help solidify our Investigators. He promised us that if we could get our investigators reading the Book Of Mormon then they would not drop. So thats our focus!

     I got a GREAT Phone Call on Friday. Elder Bass called and said that the Fatialofa's (Malua, the Guy that Elder Bass and I Baptized in May last year.) are getting sealed this Friday. A mission rule is that if one of your converts are getting sealed you can go. So I called President and he said that it would be fine. So I get to take a bus to Auckland by myself on Thursday and then go to the temple on Friday and then come back to Kaikohe on a bus. Again by myself. So that part is going to be weird but will be so fun! I am so excited! 

     Transfers are this week so that is a thing. I am about 99.9% sure that I am staying here with Elder Inglis, but Ill let yous know! 

     Love ya! 

        Elder Seelos

p-day mini golfing

Our unsuccessful but very fun fishing trip

Fishing crew

More golfing fun....

We found this car in the middle of no we decided to investigate!

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