Sunday, June 25, 2017

A baptism & a goodbye to President Balli.....

This week as been awesome! I swear that the longer I have been a missionary the faster the weeks go by and the more people ask how much longer I have. I have to say that I was a bit excited and a bit sad that I was able to tell people that I only have a month left. 

     The big highlight of this week was of course Ataahua's Baptism! It went so well! We had a few hick-ups at the start but overall it went well! It just shows that Heavenly Father is totally behind missionary work and wants these things to happen. He really will put his hand in these things! It was cool to see all of the family behind not only her but her family. They have heaps of family that are really great to them and awesome examples even when they are choosing the other roads. It will be sad to see them go in a week. We have really come to love that family. They are awesome!

     Still doing heaps of service this week. We got to go and chop more wood with our members. Its starting winter now so everyone is just now deciding to get their wood for winter. It gets really cold here and so they are all getting ready. Most houses have fire places so they all need wood. Its great that they let us help though. Most times members wont let us help, but up here they do. Its great!

     We got to have trade offs this week as well. That was fun! I went with Elder Taranaki to the Zone Leaders area. They cover 2 branches, Opononi and Outaua Branches. They are mean area's. It takes about 30 minutes just to get to their area so they are really in the bush! Elder Taranaki is from New Zealand. He lives in the Hamilton mission area, but still in the Ysa ward area. So I know people that he knows from back home and I know where his house is. Its really funny to talk about! 

     We got to go down to Whangerei this week as well. That was a pretty sad experience. We went down to have our last Conference with President Balli. He goes home on the 1st of July when our new Mission President, President Walker comes in. Its really sad to see him go! Its been so great getting to have him my entire mission and getting to learn from him. It will be great to get to meet President Walker, but will be hard that I will only really get to spend about 3 weeks with him and really only see him like 2 times before I go. It will be really interesting to see what he does with our mission. 

     My spiritual thought this week come from Matthew 25:14-30. This is the Parable of the Talents. The Lord in the story gives 3 men talents or money and then leaves them. 2 of the men double their money and one hides his so he doesn't lose it. The Lord comes back and rewards the first 2 men with them keeping their money. But the 3rd man he rebukes and takes the money from him. I imagine our conversation with Heavenly Father one day will be much like this one. He will ask us what we have done with the blessings and talents that he has given us. We want to come back and tell him that we have used it and grown it, not that we have hidden it and are still the same.

     Sorry for the boring as email this week! Seems like everything every week is the same! But hopefully we will have some more good news next week! Love ya heaps!

Love Elder Seelos


The baptism.

The 2 girls poking their tongues out in the photo are the Kiro girls. The one on the Right is Ataahua

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