Monday, May 16, 2016

Lovin South Auckland!

  Man, its already been a whole week since I talked to yous! That went by SO Fast! Seriously. That is crazy! It flew by for me. Hopefully it went just as fast for you! 

      So this week has been a pretty good one! We will start off saying that we had a Pretty Great Sunday! We literally filled our Gospel Principles Class! It was seriously so fun! It was SO packed! We filled the class room! Like it was Packed! We were teaching the Restoration and we used these cups to build a tower and every cup has a different meaning and then it all falls down and we restore it. It was so cool! We had one Investigator at Sacrament (Malua) and then a member brought a new Non-Member for us to teach. Her name is Kara. She is about 16 and she came with her friend that is in our ward. Basically we have no idea how interested she really is. The friends Grandma basically handed her to us and said come and teach her. So we have no idea how it will all go, but we are hoping we can set-up something for this week and get to find out if she is getting forced into it or really wants it!

     So an update on Malua. He is still doing AWESOME! Hes just now waiting for the baptism. Which is on the 28th. So its all just about keeping him on track. We have finished all of the lessons in less then 2 weeks! So hes amazing! His wife and fellowship are awesome! They are keeping track of him and we will hopefully see him tonight!

     This weekend was the anniversary of the Restoration of the Priesthood, so the Young Men had a Sleep over at the Young Men's president's house on Friday night and then went up a mountain on Saturday Morning. So they asked us to go with them and share a little dealeo on the Restoration of the Priesthood. So that was at 6 in the morning. Which was pretty early... So that was actually pretty fun! It was weird to be talking to Young Men as a missionary... Although it was really cool! Its just weird how old I am...

     Lets think of a funny story from the week..... Well! On Tuesday morning when Elder Bass was in the shower the power went out... Again. So that sucked! Well we called the Land Lord and he said he would send someone over. Well no one came all day and then at about 9:30 he called saying they would be over at about 10. So he came over with the Electrician. Well apparently one of the lights was very broken and basically caught fire in the ceiling. So the power went out!  He said that he had to replace all of the lights right then... So he was over until 1:30 am changing the lights! There were 4 of us that night because we were doing trade offs so Elder Bass fell asleep at about 10:30 and slept through the whole thing!! It was so funny! But then we finally got to bed about 2 am. It was great!

    Well, that's my week! Love you all!
                                      Love, Elder Seelos

Our Young Men's Priesthood camp out

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