Sunday, May 1, 2016

Whazz up?

  Hey Fam! 

     So just to start off this week went by so flippin' fast! I cant believe that it is already time for a new Email! Over all I am loving it in Favona! We are really seeing heaps of amazing miracles this week and can really see the Lord working through us to accomplish his work!

    On Wednesday we had the chance to go to MLC, or Mission Leadership Council. Our Mission President, President Balli has a HUGE vision of EVERYONE baptizing in May. So we had a meeting about what it is that we need to do to Baptize in May. So we climbed a Mountain. We did what the Prophets of Old did when they needed to talk to the Lord and get Inspiration. So we talked about the 4 things we need to do to improve as missionaries. 1. Increase our Faith, 2. Increase our Vision, 3. Increase our Skills, and Last Increase our Obedience. So we were then able to take that and climb a mountain with our Zone the next day. We talked about the 4 things and had a great time!

    We got to go on trade off with the Assistant's on Friday! That was a great learning Experience for me! I got to be with Elder Maxfield from Farmington, Utah! It was really fun to get to talk to him about home and who he knew and everything! It was very fun to get to talk to someone about home! We got to hear from Elder Bass that he was able to teach a New Part-Member family and was able to set Malua Fatialofa. He is an older Samoan Guy, who has been going to church for a while now. He just moved back from Australia, and basically wants to be baptized. So they taught him on Friday and then we taught him on Saturday, and Sunday, and will be teaching him tonight also. So it has been really exciting! He will be baptized either on the 14th or the 28th. He is deciding what day. Originally we talked about the 28th but yesterday we asked if he wanted to get baptized earlier, and he will let us know tonight!

     Now on the Isaako's, Rueben is still let for the 14th for his baptism. Melaina is still trying to figure out what she wants to do with her marriage, So we are hoping that she will show some progress. Jordan just got baptized in the Catholic Church yesterday. We are not sure how it went but we are still hoping he will change his mind to be with Rueben at his baptism! 

     We also celebrated Elder Bass' birthday this week.  The Mafi's threw him a big party, with his favorite dinner and presents.  They also had a video from his mom and girlfriend.  The Party was really fun! Elder Bass was really surprised so that was really good! I was really happy! He said it made his whole day! He told me it didn't really feel like his birthday until then! 

   Thank you for your prayers and Love!

        Love Elder Seelos

Lots of pictures this week

Zone Training

Our hike up the hill

The mighty Penrose Zone

Elder Bass' party

And more party....

We love p-day bowling!

Bowling crew

Ski ball tickets!
The Mafi's baby is so cute!


The guys....

I decided to make my own skinny tie....

I cut it up and make it skinny. I took 4 centimeters off of it.

MLC mountain climb!

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