Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey everyone! 

     Don't have too much time to Email today, But I will give you all a little update on everything!

     So I was able to Skype with my Family today and I was so happy to see everyone was happy and safe! So thank you to everyone who has been a part of helping my family out! I really appreciate all of the time that everyone takes out to talk to my mom even if all you may hear about is me!

      So Update on what is happening in the area, The Isaako Family was not able to attend Church this Sunday. So that was not very good. We will have to push back the baptism date because of that... Which is really sad. So it was really hard to see them come so close to baptism, but then turn away from it. So we will still be trying to get them to prepare to be baptized on the 28th. So keep them in your prayers!

      Next update on Malua, he is still set to be baptized on the 28th. He is still really ready and so happy to be getting baptized! We have like 2 lessons left then we will be done and just be keeping him on until he gets baptized. So that is great! 

     So one great thing that we were able to do this week was give HEAPS of blessings! We are loving the chance to get to go around and bless the people of auckland! We gave 4 blessings in one day! Its so great to really see people break into tears from a blessing we are able to give!

     Sorry for the short Email, but I will be better next week! Sorry!

     Love you all! Have a great week! Love yous!!

                               Love Elder Seelos

                               P day golfing pictures

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