Sunday, June 12, 2016

Baptism on Saturday!!

 Hey Family! Sorry we are late today! We spent some good time cleaning this morning! It was really good! So we have a bit of a cleaner flat today! Its nice to know that! I figured you would like to know that mom! 

     So this week has been just a really good week overall!! Nothing really huge happened but it was just a good working week! It has been awesome! We have had like a million appointments and have taught so many lessons! I have seriously loved it! Its so cool to feel like you know what your doing and that you have people to work with! This ward is seriously a miracle! We have heard that other missionaries have tried to compare our ward to theirs with President Balli and he told them that they can't compare any ward to ours because it is not comparable. This ward is just amazing! Its full of miracles! 

       So Reuban's Baptism is this week! So we are so excited about that! Its cool to see how the ward has just embraced them so much! Like in other wards they just will like say hi to new people but this ward just takes them and runs with them! Its so cool to see how the ward is so ready and prepared to do missionary work! He will have the Interview on Wednesday and there are no real worries there and then the Baptism on Saturday at 3! 

       One issue we have been dealing with this week is Dogs... We are like in the Hood so there are heaps of big scary mean dogs around. So we are just trying to stay safe! We just have to be careful what gates we open and how close we get to other houses! So its just an interesting problem that we deal with on a daily basis! Most the times the dogs just don't want us to be on their "Turf" so as long as we are not in the gate or closer to the house they will be fine. So we just are figuring out what houses to avoid! We have been pretty jumpy! 

       We were able to teach Kara 2 times this week! It was really weird.... She is a 15 year old girl that some members brought to us and then just basically left her with us. So no one comes to the lessons with her. So we teach her at the chapel, in one of the rooms and try to make it not look sketchy. She is really really REALLY shy! She basically wont talk to us and she is basically getting forced to take the lessons so she doesn't have a huge desire to learn or do anything... Its just really hard to try to get anything out of her! We are going to try to give her to the Sisters in the ward she actually lives in!

        One thing I have been thinking about in the last few days in the story of the Nephites! Everyone can look at themselves as if they are the Nephites. They go through good times and they go through bad times! But the promise was ALWAYS there. The Lord says Jarom 1:9 

And thus being prepared to meet the Lamanites, they did not prosper against us. But the word of the Lord was verified, which he spake unto our fathers, saying that: Inasmuch as ye will keep my commandments ye shall prosper in the land.
      That promise will still apply to us. The Nephites were protected as they kept the commandments! We will not only be protected but will be helped through our lives and the Lord is going to give us the aid we need! Its an amazing promise!

         I am loving it with Elder Summers! He is seriously awesome! He is a great cook so we are eating a Whole lot better! Its really good! We have made Chicken strips, Burgers, Stir Fry's, and Normal foods! Its really great! We are going to hit up a Thrift shop today to get more cooking things!

Love Yous! 

Love Elder Seelos

Zone Conference

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