Sunday, June 19, 2016

Rueben's Baptism!

 I guess to start off! Happy Fathers Day Dad! I have to be honest I had no idea it was Fathers day! They don't have Fathers day here the same time, So I never would have known... So Happy Fathers Day Dad!!! Haha. Love you!

     The biggest highlight of the week was our Baptism on Saturday! It was so good to see Reuben FINALLY get Baptized! We have been working with Reuben ever since I got here! It was a long journey but we are only a third of the way there and I think this was the easy part... We are really going to shift our focus onto the Brother, Jordan, and the Mum, Melaina. Jordan is a part of the Catholic Church now and has been going there for a while, and the Mum isn't married... So we are really trying to progress that! We are trying to give them that desire to follow Reubens example. We will see what happens.

       We also had Ward Conference this week. So that was SOOO much fun!! We had activities all week long! Every night Tuesday to Sunday we had things on. Tuesday was our Rescue Night where the Ward Council went out and did visits to heaps of people and invited them to the whole week! Wednesday was a Family Movie Night. They watched Kung fu Panda 3 and Meet the Mormons. We watched Meet the Mormons! Thursday was the Family History Night. We had appointments that night so we didn't go to that. Friday was our favorite night! We had a Culture night! All of the Auxiliaries made up dances from different cultures across the world and have been practicing for a few months now. We were part of Elders Quorum who had South Africa! It was mean as! The dances were so cool! It was just a fun as night! then Saturday was the Baptism and Sunday we had a ward feed!

        So Sunday we had a busy as day... We started with Ward Council at 8. Church at 11. Which was really weird because we only had Sacrament Meeting. At the end of Sacrament meeting Bishop got up and told us that we would have no classes and everyone can just go home... It was so strange... We then had a really cool missionary meeting with the ward leaders across 5-6 stakes at 3. It was all just about what the ward council needs to do more of to get the missionary work going even faster. It was basically telling the ward council all of the things we have wanted to but are not in the place to tell them! We then had the Come and See Fire side at 6:30 then went home! It was completely full of meetings!!! It was crazy!

            One things I have learned is never giving up. Always invite. No matter how many times you have invited someone to something or invited to church or anything still go back. Never give up. You will eventually make some sort of impact. They will if nothing else feel of the love that you have for them. And that would be worth it!

                                Love you all! 

                                                Love Elder Seelos

Rueben's Baptism
I was so glad Elder Bass was able to come back to our area

Friday night ward activity

We love the Mafi's!
Note from Mason's mom- This is Mason's elder's quorum performing their dance at the ward party.  A sister in the ward took a video and sent it to me.   It is so fun to watch!  I had no idea Mason had such good dance moves! (he is the one in the white shirt on the front row on the far right)  Worth the watch:) 

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