Sunday, July 9, 2017

Digging, farming, praying, & meeting my new Mission President...

   Morning everyone! 

     So this week was interesting. The big highlight of the week happened on Saturday. We had stopped by the Matene family on Thursday night and they had said that they had a funeral on Saturday for Sister Matene's Auntie. So they invited us. Well in the Maori Culture when they have a funeral their family will dig the grave before the funeral by hand... This one was partially culture and partially because I don't think we would be able to get a digger to the cemetery without a helicopter. The track to the cemetery was pretty intense. Wet as, and there was a stream that we had to cross about half way through that was about 10 meters across... Then up a huge muddy hill. The trucks that they had barely made it up. So they had to use a tractor to get the casket up there. Well back to the story. The Matene's asked us if we wanted to help dig the grave. So of course we said yes! It was pretty cool! Just imagine that your digging a hole about the size of a double twin mattress 6 feet into the ground... Then when you get about 2 feet down it becomes solid clay. Yep that was basically what we did. We started at 8 and didn't finish until just after 11. Then the casket came up they had the burial and then we filled it in about 15 minutes. So that was a mean experience!

     So we got to meet our new Mission President this week as well. President Walker from Hawaii. He is a great man! His wife is full Japanese and moved to Hawaii during school and was baptized when she got there. We had Zone Conference with them on Thursday, we then got to have interviews right after that. He seems like a great guy. Definately different than President Balli, but will be great! He is really focused on the little things and making sure that we are following Preach My Gospel as best as we can. He has made a few changes but nothing really big. Mostly just reminders. Its weird to think that I will only be serving with him for a few weeks. I will get one more interview with him and then I'm done. Thats about as much as I will see him. 

     One thing that I really learned this week was about Prayer. President Walker talked about Prayer and how to get the Highest of blessings, & that we must ask for them. There is a law that is given which all blessings are given and a lot of times those blessings are based upon praying and asking for them. So that is something that I have been applying this week. I have been praying for an out pouring of the spirit in our area, for more love for my Father in Heaven, and for guidance. It has been a great experience. If you are ever wondering if Heavenly Father is really there then pray and ask. Its the best way to know those things!

     We got to do some farming as well this week. When we went to Brother Matene's he was cleaning out a shed for the new calves that he just got and so we helped his clear those out. Then the calves had gotten out and so we started to chase them around. Well we got them all in the shed except one. So we were trying to chase in around and then Elder Taranaki ran up to him and just picked it up. Thats the Maori way. Just get in there and get 'er done! 

     We had trade offs with our Elders this week as well. I stayed with Elder Tuaputa in our ward. Its funny because I am the only one that can drive in those 2 companionship's. So I always have the car. So Elder Tuaputa and I went and did visits. It was fun to be with him. This is his 3rd transfer so he still has the Greenie spirit. So thats always nice to be with again!

Love ya heaps
Love Elder Seelos

Finishing up our morning at the farm

P-day email selfie

This is the grave site. Its a beautiful place. 

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