Sunday, February 7, 2016

Fires and investigators...

So this week was pretty fun! I have been getting to know Elder Chi better, well at least trying to. I'm still working on opening him up, but its been fun. He is a really great teacher so that is great. English isn't his first language so he is a bit self conscious about it. So unless he is confident in what he is talking about he usually wont say much. But I'm doing my best to get him talking!  He kind of grew up learning English. But Malaysia is a non English speaking country. So there was never a huge need to learn it. But he knows quite a bit!!! He is not too bad. At times he can be a bit lazy and he doesn't really listen to me so I can't really tell him to get up and get going. Its just a culture thing... The other issue is the fact that he came from the Chinese Program. They do things a whole lot different there then they do in the English program. So its just past area's and idea's clashing a bit. It was really nice to spend some time with Elder Long and Elder Saulo. It has been nice to be around missionaries I get along with. Being with more missionaries seems to help Elder Chi open up more also. So its just been good!

    My Zone Leader Elder Saulo had his appendix out last week. He was suppose to be resting all week but honestly hasn't. Up until the last few days he hasn't been resting at all. Because of that his cut opened up and so he now really has to rest. Because of that I went on trade off with Elder Long this week so that we could do some work in his area because he has had to rest. So we have slept at their flat like 4 times this week just because we had fun things we wanted to do and we just were trying to help them out.

    The first fun thing that we did was that they DEEP cleaned their flat and because of that they found a whole lot of old clothes, dress shirts, garments and socks and things like that. So to rightfully dispose of them we decided to burn them. So we went over with some lighters and we had a big fire in their back yard. Which I have to say was pretty epic!!! Well because we were already doing a fire I decided that I would burn my Tie, because I have been out for 6 months (Stupid Missionary Tradition.). So we got some Gasoline from the lawnmower and soaked the tie in it and then Elder Saulo told me to try to light the Bottle that had the gas in it on fire. So of course I did and then it was just burning the fumes, until the plastic melted and a flaming piece of melted plastic fell onto my gas soaked tie. Well of course it went up into flames... But it was on the grass burning so we had to put it out and so I ran inside and grabbed the Fire Extinguisher, I really wanted to use it because I had never used one before, I then sprayed it on the tie and it was a HUGE cloud of stuff. Then I turned to Elder Saulo who was recording the whole thing and I sprayed him. It was actually really funny! He was mad for like 2 minutes then we were all laughing about it!

     My cool experience this week came from an Investigator we have. His name is Joe, he is a Fijian guy who is married to Laura, who is a less active member. She doesn't really classify herself as a member though. Its strange. So we were teaching them and while we were trying to talk about Repentance and Baptism the kids were running around and talking and it was hard to focus. Well right when we got to the point of Baptism (Which is one of his biggest concerns) The kids quieted down and one of them fell asleep. So we were able to really talk about Baptism and we promised him that if he prayed sincerely he would know it was the right thing to do. So he is praying to find out what to do.

       We were able to see  Our Investigator Maui on Wednesday night. It was cool because his whole family was home. So we taught them about the importance of families and how the gospel will bless their family and we were able to talk to them and their daughter about the gospel. One cool thing I found out after was that the Daughter Tabita is a Former Investigator. She was taught by the missionaries a while ago and she stopped because her mom, our investigator, wouldn't let her get baptized. So it amazing to see the change that has happened in them.

    So that is my week in a nutshell! It was fun and exciting and we had a lot of great things happen this week!  I am so happy! Its really weird! Like I have been so happy the  few last weeks. When things get hard... I just know that it will work out. 

Thanks for your love and prayers!!! Love you!

Love Elder Seelos

Tie burning

The mighty Hendersen Zone!

ME and Elder Chi

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