Sunday, January 31, 2016

New companion and Meeting an Apostle!

 So the big question is the Transfer question. It seems like that is always the big question and it always comes so fast! So I did not get transferred this time, but both Elder Willardsen and Elder Neria were transferred to new areas. Elder Willardsen went down south and is a district leader now, and Elder Neria is in Waterview in the Samoan ward! My new Comp is Elder Chi! He is Chinese but from Malaysia. He is a pretty cool guy, but a whole lot different then what I am use to... He's really quiet and so I do like 90% of all talking, so I will get use to that I guess. But he is really cool and we will see how this transfer goes.  He has been out for 3 months. This is my first time not doing "missionary 12 week training" though. So that is strange...  I'm still the District leader!

      So this week we spent the first half of the week just visiting members that Elder Willardsen wanted to say goodbye to. He didn't have that hard of a time I guess. I think that it was harder for me when I left. But its all good! It was cool because both Elder Willardsen (My step-son) and Elder Inglis (My son) are both District leaders now and in the same Zone so I guess I feel pretty proud of my sons! 

       Well we had kind of a hard week. We didn't get to see most of our Investigators this week. Most of our appointments fell through, which is one of the worst feelings. So there isn't a huge update on our investigators. Although we got 2 Potential Investigators this week! The first one I was on trade off with Elder Le because both our companions were transferred and we were waiting for our new Comps and we just went and Door Knocked for like and hour and a half. So after a long time of basically no success we got to a house and a girl answered the door and we talked for a while then we told her about what we do as missionaries and she was REALLY interested! When we told her that we taught lessons about Jesus Christ she was so excited. Like it was so cool! So we gave her our number and she will call her when her work schedule finalizes in a few weeks. Then the next one was yesterday we were just walking around because we needed to talk to people and so we would just walk down the street and knock on random doors. Well I said a little prayer after we had no success for a while and I got the impression to knock on the doors that I normally wouldn't, whether that be ones with big gates or ones that look freaky/dirty as.  So we had no success with that either until the last house that I almost walked away from....then I remembered what I thought and so I just walked up the drive way and we met Danny. He is from the UK and he grew up Roman Catholic. We started to chat and eventually we led into our purpose and we talked about the church and he knew right were our church was and he said to come back and teach him the lessons we have. He said you aren't going to convert me but I would love to listen and it sounds interesting! So we are excited about that!

      The next thing that happened this week was probably one of the coolest things to happen. On Monday night we (Me and Elder Long, we were on trade off) got the call that we would be having a Mission Conference. The last mission conference was when I first got into the mission, and that is when the Time Out For Women came. Well this time was even cooler. Elder D. Todd Christofferson was going to Vanuatu and the flight was cancelled because of bad conditions. So he was coming to our mission and was having a meeting with us! So we got to meet him and he shook hands with all of us before he started and it was so fun! He is one of the Apostles that I have never met and one that I really like. He just let us ask questions and he answered them for us. So we talked a lot about Christ and blessed us that we would have success and have the spirit so we would be able to teach and preach the right way. It was such a cool experience! 

Its amazing how the gospel can apply to every person in every circumstance. I think that trials come to make us stronger. These things happen so that we can learn and grow. It's amazing the things that the Lord will put us through so that we can grow how we are supposed to grow. He loves us enough to let us suffer a little bit....because He knows that the suffering will lead to us growing. 

     So that is what I have for this week! Great to hear from you! Love you!

              Love Elder Seelos
More bowling fun...we have a great time on our P-days!

Beach Caves


The beaches here are amazing!

It's hard to describe how beautiful it is here.... 

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