Sunday, January 24, 2016

Learning a lot....

Hey everyone!

     So this week has been good! We had interviews this week! We were able to talk to President Balli about our work and what is going on in our area. So that has been really fun to get to talk with him. He was able to give me advice on how I can become a better missionary! Then that night we came in for dinner about 5:30 and Elder Neria went right to bed and was asleep so fast! When it was time to go back out he said he wasn't feeling good and so we called Sister Bath and she said to just stay in for the night. So Elder Willardsen and I were sitting there bored...and then we found the game LIFE. So we played LIFE for about an hour, and yes, I wasted him. Then we started doing a puzzle and we finished that later that night then went to bed.

      On Friday we had a missionary broadcast by the missionary department and the 12 Apostles. So we went to a chapel and there were a lot of missionaries there.....about 5 Zones. So we watched that and it was really cool to see! It was titled Teaching Repentance and Baptizing Converts. So they talked about the importance of teaching repentance to our investigators and how that would lead to them getting baptized. One thing I took out of it was the fact that we need to baptize CONVERTS, not just people who are interested. They really need to be converted before they are baptized or the baptism will not be worth as much and will usually end up failing.

      Then on Saturday we were asked by the stake to help them with a "Missionary Prep camp" that they were doing with the youth. So we had a good group of missionaries take out all the youth from the stake at for the day. It was cool to get to see how excited they were. Elder Willardsen and I were each given a young man and we went together into our area and were just knocking doors. Then they saw a lady mowing her lawn and wanted to try to talk to her without our help. So they started talking and she ended up being interested and we are going to go teach her some time this week! So it was awesome to see the energy and the desire they had. 

      So our Investigators are doing really well. The biggest one we are working with is Maui and Vienne'. They are Cook Islander, and related to a family in our ward. So they were a potential that we were FINALLY able to contact. We have taught them The Gospel of Jesus Christ and The Plan Of Salvation. We meet with them on Wednesdays, but that is the day Elder Neria was sick. So we went over on Friday night and saw them and we talked about The Book of Mormon. They really loved it and Maui was really interested in reading it! So we then got talking and Vienne' makes Cook Island Donuts every Saturday. So they then said they would bring some over to us. So the next morning there was a knock on the door and Maui was there with a bag of donuts!!! It was so cool! They are really progressing well and are doing so well!  

     So that's what has happened to me this week!  Transfers is this week. We will figure out where we go tonight! So I'll tell you all next week!  Great to hear from you! Love you! 
                  Love Elder Seelos
 P.S.  Having a hard time getting pictures to upload this week...sorry.

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