Sunday, January 3, 2016

Baptism and Family History...

    This week was really exciting! It has been good to be able to try to refocus on the work this week. It has still been pretty hard to find people home because everyone is still on Holiday. So we just had a slow week!

    So the biggest highlight of this week was the fact that we had a Baptism! It was a girl named Manhaia Thompson. She's the 13 year old Daughter of a less active lady, and the Granddaughter of a semi-active couple in the ward. She has been taught for like 6 months now and everyone was finally good with her to be baptized. So that was cool! We got her to decide on getting baptized last Monday night so then it came really fast! We had the interview on Tuesday and we worked on the program all day that day. Then we got her ready through out the week and she was baptized on Saturday, and then confirmed yesterday. What was really cool though was on the first time I met her she asked me to Baptize her. Elder Willerdsen was a bit mad but She wanted me to do it. So I was able to baptize her! 

      This week we have had Elder Long with us a lot. He has been spending a lot of time with us because his companion is having a hard time. His companion is almost going home so he is starting to shut down and Elder Long was going crazy last week. He slept with us 4-5 out of the 7 days last week. So that has been fun to get to spend so much time with him!

       We went to visit a lady this week named Tabita. She is a less active lady from Tuvalu. She lives on a farm a ways out in the country. So we don't get to stop by that often. We were actually kind of scared to stop by and see her because last time we tried to see her, her boss came out and started to get really mad at us and ordered us to leave. He really didn't like us. So we were a bit worried that he would be there again and get mad. But it ended up he was in the house asleep, so we were able to talk to her and she said she would try to see us this week!

      So that was my week! One thing I learned about this week was Family History! Its amazing the things that can happen when you will trust the Lord and start to do the work for people. The Lord will put things, people, and memories in front of you to help you find people that want their work done.   So we had dinner Sunday night at the Semu's. They are the family I Skyped at.  We ended up talking about Family History and we were there from 5 tell 9 talking about it. Like for me, Elder Willardsen, and Elder Long it was an amazing experience and we all had a lot of cool feeling and learned a lot. We all left saying that we all tried to say that we needed to go but every time we were about to say it, it would get stuck in our throat and it just wouldn't come out. We decided that we all needed to have that time to be able to learn something.   So I want to challenge everyone to spend some time looking at

Love you so much!
                       Love Elder Seelos!

p.s. Thank you for the Christmas cards! I loved those! 

Weird things we find in the church

Elder Willardson, Elder Long and me in my sulu

Elders and David Brown at the Baptism. What a Thug.

Me, Elder Willardsen, and Manhaia at the baptism!

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