Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas & New Years challenge...

Merry Christmas!!! That is basically what this week was all about! So you get to hear about Christmas all over again! So with it being Christmas heaps of people were not home... So because of that we basically did a whole lot of nothing... Monday we went to a place called Peha. Its a really cool popular beach. Lots of surfers, and tourists! But then Tuesday we got up to basically nothing. 
    For Christmas Eve we went to a family in the wards house, The Semu's. We spent until about 7 there and then we went caroling with the Zone to see peoples Investigators and sing to them! So that was really fun! The families were really happy to see us and to get to see so many missionaries! Then we had a Zone sleepover with all of the Elders! We were up so late just having fun and making a mess. We then woke up and Elder Willardsen and I went home to open presents and get ready for breakfast at 10:30. So we had Christmas Breakfast with a Chinese Lady, She made chicken, Rice, and Dumplings. We stayed there for an hour ish. After that we went to the flat for a break before lunch at a Tongan families house. We had a HUGE feast there. They are a really rich Tongan family so they went all out on everything. So we got Oti (really good fruit drink), Ham, Roast beef, Potato Salad, and Taro. Then we had another break at the flat before we went to go to the Prasad's house for the rest of the night and there we played games and just hung out. Then we spent the last hour on Mt. Pukamateco. Its a Mountain that looks over the entire stake and you can see everything. We met the Zone up there and were able to spend the time with them!
    I woke up on Tuesday morning with a big red spot on my leg and I know believe that it is a spider bite. So I that has been going on for a few days and it hurts and yeah... I decided to wait until Sunday night to call the mission doctor about it and she said we will just put heat on it and try to get it to go away. So we will see what happens.

    The 26th was a great day. I was able to Skype home to my family and talk with them. It was actually pretty hard to talk to them and have to say goodbye again but it was such a blessing to see them! After that we played games at the Semu's home and we went to dinner and played Touch with a big group of people. So it was really fun!

    This week with New Years coming up I just want to extend a challenge to everyone. I would love for everyone to look at real New Years Goals. Among all of the goals I would love for some of them to be Spiritual minded goals. Whatever you can do this next year to come closer to Christ. I would love to hear about those Goals next week and If I can do anything to help you meet those goals I would Love to help you with that. Please Pray and possibly even Fast so that you can honestly see the things that the Lord would want you to improve on. 

Thanks for the great Christmas spirit! And as always thank you for your love and Prayers!

Love Elder Seelos!

That is the Prasads family...where we went Christmas evening

Me and Elder Willardsen at Piha

Christmas morning

Mt Pukamateco

This is what happens at lunch when its really hot and humid. 

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