Sunday, December 13, 2015

Temple trip & transfers coming up...

Hey Family!!! 

     How is everyone? Im glad to hear all about your week! I love getting to see what you are all doing and how everyone is doing! 

      So this week had been good. I will start with the Highlight of the week! That would have to be the Temple! I loved getting to go there and get to go through the Temple and feel of the great spirit there! I was able to go with all o f the missionaries from my zone and from a different stake also.  We did a session & Initiatory.  So I got to meet new missionaries and talk with them! So it was really good! I was talking to a Missionary from Mt. Roscall Zone and he is from Farmington and went to Viewmont! He graduated last year. We knew a lot of the same people. His name is Elder Maxfield. Apparently his little brother is on the bike team with Ty! Hes a really nice guy and it was nice to get to see him and talk about home!

       The next good thing about this week was the Christmas Party the ward had! We got to go and just have fun with the ward! I love getting to see them all and talk to them and just help them trust us and develop friendships there. Danielle (the mother of the kid I just baptized) showed up. We were able to talk with her because we haven't seen her for a while. She came with her Ex-partner. He is the one who went to Jail for restraining order issues. He is apparently changing and coming back. So we will see what happens there. He is a really nice guy and so I hope that he has changed and can help motivate Danielle to keep going. 

         The other great thing this week was yesterday the stake showed the First Presidency Christmas video. Usually to go to things like that we have to have an Investigator with us. As we were texting people trying to get someone to come so that we could also go the Zone Leaders texted us and told us that we didn't have to have anyone and could go either way but to try to get people there. So we got to go and it was an hour long and I loved it so much! It was so great! I loved the spirit it brought and to be honest made me a bit home sick thinking about it all. But I'm so grateful to be out here serving Christ this year!

       So the last thing is my investigators. I guess this week has been really slow and it seemed like all of our investigators are either gone or really not moving anywhere. I just cant figure out what it is that these people need to progress. Whether it be coming to church or it being reading the Book of Mormon or just doing what we ask. Its just hard to see people I care so much about not progress. So please just keep them in your prayers.

      Last of all it is that time again! Transfer week! So I will let you know next week what happens. I have very mixed feelings. I don't know whether I want to stay or go... I love the people but I want to see new areas... So just pray for what is right.

    Thank you for the 3 levels of Christmas article mom.  Christmas is such a special time and I am also really hoping that it means that I can focus on other things this Christmas. I love the thoughts of having a more meaningful Christmas.

          Thank you for the prayers and love!!

                             Love Elder Seelos

My Christmas Tree...Thanks mom & girls.

Hanging out

Elder Inglis & I at the temple

Elder Dalton & I enjoying our ice cream

Our temple trip.  It was awesome!

Sister Balli sent me this picture from the bus ride home from the temple.  Poor Elder Inglis had a long day.

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