Sunday, December 20, 2015

Transfers! And it's a small world.....

Hello family!

This week was really good! We did a lot of fun things! So Monday we went to the Beach and got to be with most of the other missionaries in the zone! So Tuesday we had District Meeting, which I thought went really well! We just had a discussion about how to best work with our members! It was probably one of the better district meetings I have had. After that Elder Leung (Elder in my district) was feeling sick and didn't really want to go back to his area and walk around the whole time so I went with him and took the car there. We spent like half the day in the flat because he had a nasty stomach virus. But there were people he wanted to see because he was transferring so we did get out a bit to go and see them! 

So for any leadership changes President usually calls you to tell you that your changing leadership, and that usually happens Sunday or Monday. So after getting no call I figured I would be staying and not moving. So then while I was on trade off the Zone Leaders called to tell me all of the transfer news to tell the district. So they called and said that I would be moving to Henderson! I will be District Leader over there and have a new district and new everything. So yes I was transferred. I am now in the West Harbor ward with Elder Willardsen. It's actually interesting... Remember how Hayden Hale (a missionary from Mason's home ward) had a missionary leave from his ward on the mission to Auckland? Well his name is Elder Willardsen, and he is my new Comp! haha. What are the chances??? He come out in November so I am Follow-up Training him. So 6 more weeks of Training! 6 solid months! haha... But whatever! I'm happy!  Elder Willardson is the Man!!! He is so good! He is 19 and just came out. He went to UVU for a semester before he came. He is confident and ready and loving it. He is a great missionary! He's really fun and has a good sense of humor! So I am really excited to spend a transfer with him!

So the new flat... That is interesting... Its ok... Not terrible but makes me miss my old flat. Its just old and falling apart and kind of gross. But that's what I signed up for right! haha. It's a basement house that is being rented out. It's all good and the area is MASSIVE!!! Like HUGE! really. Its like an hour to and hour and a half to go from the bottom to the top of the area. But we have the same amount of K's as my last area so we will try to get more! Its been really fun so far. Its a pretty white ward, so that's good and bad I guess. I'm use to more of an Island ward but I'll re-adjust. 

Well Wednesday was really hard. That is when I had to say goodbye to everyone. Some were hard some were harder... Its almost like leaving home again. I had gotten to know all of those people so well and then I just have to get up and leave. Idk if you remember Alvin and Cheryl. But they are a less active family I found my first transfer and I have been visiting ever since. That was probably the hardest people to say goodbye to. I ALMOST shed a tear. Almost. But they gave us a Christmas gift and there was a letter inside that had my name on it.  So that was cool. I really love them.

Then the end of the week has just been meeting people, and setting up Christmas. It will be fun to be here. I'm loving it so far!

Love you so much!

Love Elder Seelos
P.S. Oh did I tell you I got a package from Ben and Brenda and from Grandma and Grandpa Seelos?  Thank you!!!!!!  
P Day hike

Danielle and kids...Alex is the one closest to me that I baptized a few months ago.

This is Alvin and Cheryl.

and their dog Woody :)

Brother Takau and kids
My zone (picture sent to my mom from Elder Dalton's mom) Missionary moms LOVE Facebook!

Enjoying beautiful New Zealand!

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