Sunday, January 10, 2016

6 new investigators and 1 new companion, and a cramped but clean flat!

  Hey everyone! So this week is going great! We had a lot of interesting things that have happened! So to start off we have 6 NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!!! 6!!! That is a LOT! Like that is a crazy amount! The first 2 is an older couple that were on our potential list. Apparently they have been taught by sisters before then when the sisters left missionaries just kind of stopped coming. So we have been knocking on there door for a few weeks and no one was ever home. Then one day the daughter was home! So we talked to her and she said that her mom always loved it when the sisters came over so we should come back for her. So we went back again a few days later and we knocked and the Dad answered the door. After chatting he said he would be great with us coming back and teaching them. That was last week. So we went back on Wednesday and were able to teach Maui, and his wife Vania. They are both Cook Islanders and go to a local Methodist Cook Island Church. They also have some family in our ward that we know well so we talked to them and they were really surprised! Like really surprised! They said that Maui had never shown interest in the missionaries before. The Member that we know just had a stroke, and a big part of his recovery was the fact of his faith and he made that known to everyone that came to visit. So we are thinking because of that Maui is a bit more interested!

       The other 4 New Investigators is a family. We went to go see a Former Investigator and they had moved but we were talking to the guy there, his name is Leo, and him and his family are all 7th day. He said that they would love us to come visit and share a message though. So on trade off a few weeks ago they went to see him and they saw the family, but didn't really share a message. Then we were able to catch them on Saturday, after Church (totally didn't think about the fact that they were 7th day when we went there). So they invited us back for Sunday night. We were able to see Leo his mom and his 2 sisters and teach them about Jesus Christ and his Gospel and then they invited us back for Friday night to open there Sabbath with them! The only issue is that they want us to sing.... We are terrible singers... So that will be interesting! 

        So they other BIG thing is that Elder Willardsen and I now have another companion. His name is Elder Neria. He is from Samoa and has been out for a year. There were some issues in his area with obedience between a few different Elders, so they were all Emergency Transfer'd out. We got the call on Saturday morning from President that we would be getting a new comp and then we went to pick him up and now we have about 0% extra room in our flat. We now have 3 beds and 3 Elders stuff... So we are getting creative...

        I guess the other thing is what we did last Monday. We first went shopping for Elder Willardsen and Elder Long. Then we bought some Island Mats for the flat to try to help it out. So at 9:30 we started to DEEP CLEAN our flat and put them down. So the flat is about 1000x better. I spent about 30 minutes scrubbing the shower with bleach to clean out all of the mold and crap that was in it. Now it actually almost looks usable... The Senior couple in charge of flats came over to give us the 3rd bed and he said that they are looking and are trying to get a new bigger flat for us. We also fount out that the Church has had missionaries in our flat for 12 years, and in that 12 years not one thing has been fixed/replaced/repaired. We also found out that our wallpaper has been up for 21 years... So yeah. Our flat is old...

       So this week I have been thinking a lot about Grace. I have spent a few days devoted to studying Grace. So that is where I have some questions for you. What does Grace mean to you? That is one thing that a lot of religions have struggles with and we have different stances on. So one thing I have learned is the Idea that grace isn't the one dose fix all. It is a whole prescription that we need to take everyday. It is what makes up the difference when we don't fully make it to the top. It is the help and strength to finish with Christ as our crutch. He promises that if we try our best that we will make it. He doesn't say that he will move the finish line for us, or give us shortcuts. He says that he will carry us through the finish like. No matter how far away it may be. 

Love you so much!!
                  Love Elder Seelos!

Me and Elder Long

My MEAN district meeting!

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