Sunday, December 11, 2016

A cold baptism and the great clean up.....

    I am alive! Haha. Sorry I was so late today. We had a "Spring
Cleaning" today.... That sucked. So we have been cleaning off and on
through the last few weeks. Just taking an hour or two at breaks here
and there. So today was the inspection. We had the Senior Couples come
and do the walk through and inspect everything. We took EVERYTHING that wasn't
ours out. So clothes, blankets, etc. Our Zone filled 2 trailers.
Overall it was good. It was kind of unorganized so we had like no idea
what was going on... I thought that it could have been done heaps
better but not up to me I guess! All goods. Thats why we were late

       This week was a good one over all! One highlight of the week
was yesterday! There was a ward baptism last night. We helped get
the baptism ready... Then major fail! The heater in the font wasn't
working.... So the water was pretty cold! Sam will always remember
that!! It was good to get to be there. I just love baptisms!

       Speaking of baptisms, Shelby! So she got home on Saturday
morning and we called and talked to her that night. We knew that we
had to talk to her about Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity soon cuz
you know... Problems... Well we called her on Friday but she didn't
have her phone on so we called when she got home. Well she told us
that she doesn't drink or smoke. Her only issue is tea. So.... Thats
not a huge issue! So that made us pretty happy! Then!!! She came to
church yesterday! She could only stay for Sacrament but liked it! We
basically told her that we will have to come over everyday this week
to get her ready for her baptism. She is so Golden though. She asked
me what she can do herself to prepare for her baptism... My jaw almost
hit the ground.... I was so shocked... We met her like a month ago...
She is getting baptized this week! Heavenly Father works in amazing
ways! He always puts those in our path right when we need them and they need us! He
knows what we need and when we need it. If you rely on Heavenly Father
he will provide for the things that you cannot. You don't need to use
drugs, alcohol, tv, movies. Just rely on Heavenly Father.

       For some good news! We stopped by to see Dora and her mum was
there. I haven't seen her since Elder Boyack left almost 6 weeks ago.
Well we were talking and 1. She told me that she will find me a NZ
Meat Pie Recipe to take home. (She works at a Cafe) 2. She told me
that I am losing weight!!!! I have lost around 3kg's in this area!
That doesn't mean that I am not getting fed! Its just more normal food!
So just know that I am not gaining heaps of weight here!

       Loving the mission! Loving the missionaries that I get to serve
and serve with! I love my ability to share the Gospel and would
suggest it to anyone who has any desire to serve!

           Love Elder Seelos

The Mighty NZAM missionaries

Zone conference fun

Sam's baptism was awesome!

3 handsome guys

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