Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas in New Zealand!

 Merry Christmas Whanau (Family)! Christmas as a Missionary is interesting. Especially in NZ. It was a great week overall. Its amazing to see how many people go out of town for Christmas! Its also amazing that noone really wants Missionaries knocking on their doors on Christmas Day uninvited! haha. Jk we didn't do that!

     So our Christmas Day consisted of food games and church. We started at 8 with Breakfast at our Ward Mission Leaders house. That was mean! The Apiata Family is the best. Just made us feel like we were part of the family! We then had Church at 10 for 1 hour. We had a few Less Actives and Investigators there also which made it even better! After that at about 12 we went to a Less Active Part Member Family for Lunch. They ended up having lunch at about 2 so we started to play with the kids toys and played a pretty mean game of Scrabble. (I got 2nd BTW) After a good Samoan feed there we had another member at 3. We showed up there right in the middle of the Feed and so we had to eat more. We then had a pretty intense Nerf war with the kids and made a mess with the Nerf Bullets. Very fun!!! We had Dessert at about 5. at around 7 we had a Zone Party with the missionaries. We did a secret Santa so we exchanged gifts and then lit off Paper lanterns. Just a side note.... Paper Lanterns from the Chinese Shops are not that great.

        We had the chance to go to the temple on Wednesday as half of the mission! That was great! It was awesome to get to be in the temple and get to feel of the spirit there! The Temple is honestly a great place and the spirit there is so great! There is so much that you are able to learn from the special Spirit that is in the temple! I had many questions answered that I attribute fully to being in the Temple!

      Sorry for the short Email this week! Love yous!

           Love Elder Seelos

Best Christmas present ever! 

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