Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year from NZ!

Well Hello Whanau! (Family & Friends) Hope that yous are all having a great New Years day and hope that no one had too hard of a New Years Eve! Just for your information, my New Years Eve was fun! It consisted of going to be at 10:30 and completely KNOCKING OUT! I was so tired and if felt SO good! No real parties or issues over New Years. Just last night our neighbor was doing a party and they were blasting music all night... So that was fun. I kept yelling out the window and they didn't hear me.... Dang.

         So transfers were this week and it overall was good! I got to stay here in Henderson while Elder Oakes moved. We were actually very surprised he left and I stayed. We were both expecting me to leave and Elder Oakes to stay with a New Companion. But Elder Oakes went up North and Elder Staniscia came to Henderson! Elder Staniscia and I were already companions for a week. If you remember how at the end of my time with Elder Chi I got a new missionary with us for the last week of the transfer... Well that's Elder Staniscia.  So it has been an easy adjustment! He is from Brazil.  He is heaps of fun! We get along very well so far! Its going to be a really fun transfer! Heaps of work to do and lots of laughs to have!!!

          We saw Shelby this week and sat down and taught her the Word Of Wisdom. It was honestly amazing . We sat down and read D&C 89 with her and she just asked questions as we went along and we explained what she needed to know and committed her to live it. She said that she would. So we told her to pray about it and to ask if it was right. She told us that she could already feel like it is right. "Its just common sense!" She is prepared az.... She came to Church again yesterday even at our new time of 9 am! We are going to see her tonight and teach her the importance of coming to the entirety of Church. So fingers crossed! We are also going to try to talk to her about the 21st of January for a Baptism Date! 

        Major Miracle this week! We have been teaching Grace and she has been doing great. But this week her brother has been with her cuz its Holidays. So he has sat in on two lessons now and came to church yesterday. He has been asking heaps of questions and was apparently was answering heaps of questions at Church also. His name is Josh. He is 14 and HUGE! He is bigger then I am. Super nice kid!

         Glad that transfers, New Years, and Christmas are over. Now I can focus and just get it done! I love the Great work that I am in and the wonderful chance that I have to be a missionary. Grateful for all of yous and the great example that yous have been to me. I am excited for an exciting new year!

Temple Day

I really love my time in the NZ Temple

Me and the NZ Temple groundsman!

Elder Zacher and I 

Thank you to all those who participated in my "12 Ties of Christmas"!  It was awesome and I loved all the letters and ties from friends and family back home.

Elder Oakes with Shelby

My zone

My new companion Elder Staniscia

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