Sunday, January 22, 2017

Great progress, great hike....

 Overall this week was great! I cannot believe how fast it all goes by.... I feel like heaps happened this week but I also feel like nothing happened this week. Its a weird feeling! So lets see how this goes.

        Shelby was interesting this week! We didn't see her at church last week so we were a bit worried. We went over and we saw her on Tuesday and she talked for a few minutes then told us how she has been trying to get off her depression medication and how it isn't working. Well we talked about Priesthood Blessings and we were able to give her a blessing. It was really cool.  She said that afterwords she just felt peace and calming. I hope that it really did help. After that we left and we went back on Thursday and we just talked about the Spirit and how the Holy Ghost can help her through everything that she's going through. She really enjoyed to know that the things that she has been feeling and all the things that have been pushing her towards Heavenly Father are good things, and that God has been calling her!

         One great thing this week was on Monday and Tuesday! During church last week we had a member tell us that they had a friend that asked if there were beginner lessons to learn about the Church. So of course they said yes and set up an appointment with us for Monday. So we went over on Monday night and saw Sela and Sia. Sela is the non-member and Sia is her Less Active partner. They are in their 20's, Tongan, and keen to learn. Sia has been less active for about 6 years and Sela has very little church background. She use to be Catholic but hasn't been since she was a kid. On Monday we taught her about prayer which went really well. Then we set up the next appointment and went back the next day and taught her about the Restoration. She had a few questions but overall understood it. She is going to let us know when she is free next because she is getting her work schedule soon and we will get to go back and see her hopefully this week!

         Elder Zacher and I did a bit of a last minute trade off and we decided to bike again. Idk why we always decide to bike together but its always fun! I am slowly realizing that there are some pretty big hills in our area! 

          We had our stake Mission Prep Camp this week and we were able to do a bit of training with the Preparing Missionaries and then do trade off's with them and go out for a few hours to do some tracting! Elder Staniscia and I took out Elder Willobey from another ward. He is 17. Cool kid. He was a bit shy at the start but then we kinda made him come out and talk. We had a goal to have him give out one Restoration pamphlet by the end. Well we finally found a guy that would talk to us and he had researched the church and didn't like it cuz he is part Native American... Well that was a dud... He took the pamphlet, but I wasn't content with that. So we finally found another lady and she was nice as. She happily took the pamphlet and then I kinda threw this kid under the bus and told her that he wanted to tell her about what was in the pamphlet, then I shut up. He did really good talking about how Joseph Smith restored the Gospel and then she said that we could come back this week! So it was great!!!

Hope yous have a great week!

Love Elder Seelos

Elder Dalton and I at a leadership meeting.  Awesome ties made for us by Sister Mafi and Mama Lynn!  We love them!

KiteKite Falls was amazing.

More of our KiteKite falls hike from pday.  It was an awesome hike with 5 different waterfalls.

Elder Stanisca and I

Waterfall Selphie

The hiking crew

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