Sunday, January 15, 2017

A great week! and a crazy guy....

  So this week was honestly GREAT! We just had a good week this week and I feel really good about everything and what has been happening in the ward and I feel like we are really making a difference in peoples lives! Lets just say that I am glad that people are getting home from Holidays!

      So to start with Grace! So this week the Youth had the chance to go to FSY. So FSY is just like EFY but just called something different. It stands for "For the Strength of the Youth." So Grace went to FSY! She was so excited about it! It went from Monday to Saturday and they slept over at one of the schools around here. Grace is social as and so she just ate it up! Overall it just strengthened her desire to be baptized and follow Jesus Christ! We are just hoping that she will be able to get some permission and acceptance from her Dad... 

      Shelby had a great week this week! On trade off Elder Staniscia and Elder Hixon were able to see her on Tuesday! On Sunday we gave her a Gospel Principles Book and she took it home and when they started talking to her she said that she had looked up and read through some of the things and they all just made sense to her! She even got to the point of tears as she talked about how it was changing her view of things. She is honestly so cool! She was sick this weekend and so she couldn't come to church but we are going to see her tomorrow! We are just still going to work with her until her and her partner are ready to commit!

       One funny story from like an hour ago. We went to the ATM to get out money for the Internet Cafe. Right next to the ATM there was a homeless girl that we started to talk to as we were getting our money out. Well the other Elders showed up and we were just chatting with her. Part way through we went inside the bakery and bought her a pie and she took it and was thankful. So as we were talking there was a guy that was down the strip mall from her and he started to yell at us. He was far away and so we didn't hear what he was saying. Well he ended up walking down.... he started yelling at us telling us that we were just harassing her and telling us to just leave.  I was really annoyed by this guy and so I was talking back to him a bit... Well he was just talking about us and how we think that we are preaching Jesus and all these other things and well it was just annoying... I was honestly pretty annoyed. Eventually he left and the girl was looking pretty scared and so she left also. So we just left and thankfully nothing happened... But that's my crazy homeless story!

          Hope that everyone is good and that everyone has had a great week! Love yous all!

                 Love Elder Seelos

                                               We went on an AWESOME hike last week!  
                                                          Here are the highlights!
                                                        New Zealand is so amazing!

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