Sunday, January 8, 2017

You don't have to shovel sunshine....

This week has been the complete opposite of whats its been like back home! Lets say we have had about as much sun as yous have had rain. It has been a pretty hot week. Which is good! I am not really complaining. Just heaps of sweating, and deodorant.

        I have to say that I am so glad that this is my last holiday season as a missionary... It is so hard to visit and catch people home during the holidays.... No one is home... Its like everyone is using their holidays and summer school holidays at the same time. Its just so hard to find people home... A lot of random door knocking and driving around finding people... We have been able to get into a good amount of homes and it has made us widen our scope of less actives and members to visit, which in turn is good!

        So Shelby this week has kinda taken like a small step forward and a big step back... Like she is still keen as for baptism and everything, its still what she wants. There are just more things in the way now... Her partner who has been in the military down the line is quitting the military and will be moving in with her sometime in the end of the month.... So that just sucks.... She came to church on Sunday though! She brought her son Trey and her sister and they stayed for the first 2 hours then they didn't want to go to class so they ended up going home. It was great though! There were heaps of members that are realizing that she is with us and so they were talking to her and introducing themselves to her and it was just really good! So small steps forward.

         I had Trade off's with Elder Zacher on Friday. We hoped on the bikes and spent the afternoon biking. Its amazing to think about how much easier it is to do missionary work in a car. Like a million times easier. Its just crazy to think about. I am very grateful to have been able to have a car. Its just so much nicer. So Elder Zacher and I decided to go and see the view before we went to bed and so we hopped on the roof and were watching the city. Its just amazing to think about what a great and amazing place I am in. New Zealand is such an amazing country. 

        On Trade off's we went to see a Potential Investigator named Ashley, She was busy all the times that we have seen her. The time before this we went over and she told us that she feels like she has been called by God to come closer to him. So we left her a Book Of Mormon and a Restoration Pamphlet. Well when we went back she said that she had read the Pamphlet but hadn't finished the Book Of Mormon. We assured her that she didn't have to read the entire Book Of Mormon.... She said that she had read like 2 chapters and it was hard to understand. So after talking to her a bit more she felt better about it and she thought about coming to church. She said that her 6 year old son asks questions about God and would love Church. So we talked to her about that and she said that she might stop by. She didn't, but we are still excited about her and what she will do!

       I love yous heaps and am so grateful for yous!
                Love Elder Seelos

Elder Zacher and I on the roof enjoying the view!

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