Sunday, January 29, 2017

Changes in the mission and the weather...

Overall this week has been just heaps of news... We had MLC this week and a Worldwide Missionary Broadcast. The Missionary Department of the Church came out with some big news and has changed the missionary schedule and the Key Indicators that we count. Its pretty crazy. Its been this way since Preach My Gospel started and now they have changed it. It will be really cool. Its all based upon D&C 58:26-29. All about agency and not having to command in all things but really give us the choice on heaps of things. So I am happy about it all! It starts today! Also, P-day is now from 8 to 6. So I could be on emails earlier than normal from now on. Just depends on where I am I guess... Just so yous know.

        Shelby has been good and bad this week. She is still working through some personal issues and is trying to figure things out... She is still happy when we stop by and we ensure that she has a spiritual experience when we are there to keep her knowing that God is there and that he wants to help her! We are trying to get some of the members involved and just stopping by and texting her so she can have people there for her when she needs it. We just keep praying for her.

        With this new change in the Key Indicators that we count we have really been focusing on getting new investigators. We spent a lot of time this week contacting and tracting trying to find some new people to teach... So far not too much success... But we keep going! So if anyone has any suggestions that they did on their missions we would appreciate it!

        Dora has been making some major progress the last few weeks! Idk whats up but she has been to church the last 2 weeks now. She texted us asking if we could teach her more about the after life. She is so great! We were getting close to just slowing down cuz she just wasnt seeming too interested but now we will see what happens!

         Last week for Pday we went to Muriwai Beach. This will be about the 10th time I have been there! Its a mean beach. Huge sandy beach and then rocky cliffs of the other side full of birds (Gannets). Defiantly a place to stop by if you ever make it to Heaven!

         No real funny or stories this week! Just for anyone in Utah asking where the heat went... Well it came to NZ. It has been so hot here the last week. We are finally starting summer and I am so happy! As much as I hate dealing with the heat and all of the sweat... I am happy that its not raining so much! But it also brings flies.... Flies are the worst. They are everywhere. Trade offs I guess!

       Love yous heaps!

                 Love Elder Seelos

                                            Fun on p-day pictures! Muriwai Beach

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