Sunday, February 5, 2017

Unexpected ups and downs....

  Hello everyone!  We had a great week, we had some unexpected ups and downs...  overall we are just trying to stay motivated past the trials that come our way.

    On Monday we got a text from Shelby and she basically told us that with everything that she is going through she just needs some time off. She has been going through a lot mentally and she is feeling bad and pressured that she isn't married and she isn't ready yet. So she said that she is grateful for us and everything that she has learned but needs a break.  On Friday we went over to her house with a picture of the temple and just told her that we will give her space but we want her to remember the goals that she has talked about and never forget what she has felt and what she now knows.

     Also on Monday we had a miracle. We had decided to go and try a semi active family in the ward. We went there and no one was home.... So we knocked a few doors. Nothing happened. Then as we were walking back to the car a car pulled up and it was 2 Tongan girls that were visiting from Tonga and they were living with their family on that street. Well they told us to come over. They are all members but we talked for a bit and they gave us a drink. Their neighbors kept looking at us weird and they called us over. Well their son (Toni 15) just came back from Australia at FSY with his cousins, and he was keen as to learn and so was the family. We went back the next day and saw/taught them. The Mamea family. They are so great! That turned into 3 New Investigators this week. The 2 sons and the mum. They dad is apparently Less Active. We also saw them on Friday, sadly though they were not at Church though.

      Pday was great! We went to a Waterfall called Karekare. This country is BEAUTIFUL! Its just so green and beautiful! That is one reason that I love Henderson. It has the beaches, mountains, just a bit of everything! 

      On Tuesday we have Youth. Because we have so many youth investigators we usually will at least stop by youth night to see them. They were all combined and were playing Volleyball together. We had Grace and Dora come and play with them all. Its great to see them fitting in with all of the youth and just getting along. The youth in this ward is so strong! Honestly the best missionary's in the ward! They have such great opportunities to share the gospel and its so awesome to see them just take in new people and make them feel totally welcome in the ward! 

      It was a good week but has been hard to think that I am most likely leaving in a few days, transfers are this week. I love the area and the people to much but to be honest I am ready to leave at the same time. Its been a long time here in Henderson... Great area, but I've been here since August, so a long time. Thanks to everyone for the ideas that were sent on how to find more investigators! I think that over all the best thing that has worked is prayer. We were just in the right place at the right time! Heavenly Father works miracles!!! Just ask for them!

        Love yous!
             Elder Seelos

Mean pday hike

Water Water everywhere and not allowed to swim!
Zone Conference

Mom I made jello!!

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