Sunday, February 26, 2017

Voices from above, setting goals, and jammin with my YSA peeps....

  Let's just say that today has been a long day... We had interviews at 10ish but then they were behind. After that we had to take some bikes into the  bike shop. Now we are done and get to email... We were thinking about just doing pday tomorrow but we have appointments during the day! So we are just doing it today.

       This week was great! I feel like this week just started! It was insane! P-day last week was with the Tongan Elders. Elder Neufi and Elder Tutu'ila! We went to a place called Clark's beach. In the Hamilton mission. So that was actually really fun! Pics to send!

       We had MLC this week with President. It was very fun to get to be at the Mission Home with all of the Zone Leaders! I always love getting to talk to and be with the MLC group! Heaps of great friends there! We talked about the new schedule and about how we can use it more effectively. There is heaps that we can do better! We also talked about goals and the importance of setting goals and using them effectively. We talked about how even thought there is only one thing that we count every day we can still set goals and work to achieve them! An example is working on Christ like attributes, or Book Of Mormons you can hand out, or even getting rejected so many times a day! We still need to be setting goals but its about how effective we can use our time to share the gospel!

        We are working with a returning less active in our ward named Oliva. He is Niuean, about 23. His Partner, TK, is not a member. She is so cool though! He is really into music and is studying music. On Saturday he had a "Beats Battle". So he went and showed some of his beats that he had practiced in was in a competition. So we went to support him. (Example of how we have to do things in a bit of a different way here in the YSA ward!) He got our in the first round just cuz he was put with another guy who was REALLY good! The judges loved him! I feel like he could have gone on further if it was a different group, but he still did really great! The judges loved his style! Oliva just loves his music and it really shows that he has a different less edgy side then most of the other guys there... His music really showed that. But his partner is really cool. She is totally a potential in our ward. She would be a great member if she would commit to living it!

        We were asked to participate in a Stake Activity for another stake on Thursday and Friday. It was really fun! They had a Plan Of Salvation Play. Each part of the Plan of Salvation was a different ward so they had to go from room to room to see the whole thing. We were suppose to be guides just taking them all through the rooms but the Samoan ward asked us to help them and be the voices in their room. So on Thursday I played the voice of Heavenly Father and Elder Clark was the voice of Satan. Then on Friday I was the voice of Adam and Elder Clark stayed with Satan. Obviously we were "The Fall" room. It really was so fun! It was so spiritual as well! We got to go through the whole thing at the end and lets just say that the Celestial room almost brought me to tears. I just want to tell you all about how true this gospel really is! Its amazing how true this all is and how Heavenly Father has done it all for us! I can promise you all that if you truly study out the plan that God has for us all then you will know for a full surety of 1. The truthfulness of it. 2. Your part in it. We all have a part to play in this plan!

Love yous all! 

       Love Elder Seelos

Clark's Beach

Having fun on p-day at the beach

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