Sunday, February 12, 2017

Good Bye and Hello...on to another adventure!

  Now for the Big News of the week! I was transferred this week! After 6 months in Henderson I am now out! I have been moved back out south and am in a YSA ward now! I am now with Elder Clark from Taylorsville, Utah! He has been out for just one transfer longer than I have. He is the man! We have gotten along together quite well! He is made for the YSA Ward and so it has been heaps of fun getting to meet the YSA and getting to know the ward! I am very happy to get to be here! One mean perk is that we cover 7 stakes. 2 of those stakes are in the Hamilton Mission. So we go into the Hamilton mission pretty often! The other 5 are in out mission and Penrose stake is one of them! (Penrose Stake is where I served last summer...home of the Mafi's, Mama Lynn, and many others I love- feels a little like coming home) 

     Leaving Henderson was kind of bitter sweet! I love the area and I really love and will miss the people, but I was ready to leave. 6 months in an area is a long time. There were heaps of memebers that I said goodbye to and heaps of people that I really grew to love. Henderson has really grown to be a big part of my mission and a big part of my heart! It is a place that really is special and sacred to me from all of the miracles that I saw while I was there!

      We have a few Investigators here. One that we have is named Salote. (Just to name drop here and show you how cool this ward is.... Salote's partner is Joseph Parker's Brother. He is Less Active in our ward. If you don't know who Joseph Parker is... look him up, he is a Kiwi heavy weight boxing champion.) She is keen to learn and to talk to us, the only issue is that her partner John is kinda almost keeping her from us. Like they will pretend to not be home. But its good cuz he left for the states last night for training before a fight in a month. So he will be gone for a month. So we will get to start to teach her more!

      I was able to see 2 of my favorite people this week because I have Penrose in my area! I was able to stop by at Mama Lynn's house and surprise her which was heaps of fun! Then I saw the Mafi Family when they came to visit one night at my flat! 

       Not heaps of stories this week. Sorry its been kinda a boring email. Transfer weeks are pretty boring always. I promise it will be better next week! Love yous!

Love Elder Seelos

The Apiata's

Dora...we love her!

The Taliaivao Family
Elder Staniscia and I on top of the world! Henderson is so beautiful.

The Frost's

Henderson is one of the most beautiful places on earth!

The Papali Family

The Hakaria's

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