Sunday, September 13, 2015

Knocking doors and my first Baptism

   Hello Everybody.

     It has been a great week. We had Zone P-Day! That was really fun! We went on a hike then we went to the beach again and we played Touch Rugby in the sand. I am actually getting pretty good. 
    The other big things from the week all happened this weekend. We had a Baptism on Saturday!! It was a long time investigator, shes 12 and has been trying for like 3 years to be baptized but her dad wouldn't give her permission and then he finally did so she got baptized! yes!!! So it was really already all set up before we even came into the area and so it wasn't stressful or anything. Super easy. But she asked me to speak on Baptism. So i talked about Mosiah 21:35. Really great scripture about what baptism is!

     Then the other big thing is that our Less Active family came to church!!! They are the Family that Feagai told us to visit! We had FHE with them on Thursday and then they said that they would be at church! When we got there they were there before us! That was really exciting and an awesome thing to see! We had our FHE about prayer, We watched a video called Hope of Gods Light. Awesome video! So we talked about prayer and then we were about to leave and they said wait, we have actually made dinner if you guys want it! Haha. They made Really good spicy heat sauce with rice! It was really hot! Like comparable to my hot burrito from California!!! But it was Yummy!!! 

      Other then that our week has consisted of Knocking A LOT of doors and just trying to teach where we can and trying to contact where we can! I can feel your prayers every day and I want to thank you for them all! It really helps knowing that I have an amazing support system at home cheering me on! 

      My Spiritual thought this week is a Question. Why do we pray so much? This was shared in sacrament yesterday. We pray in the morning, evening, and over each meal, and lots of other times every day. So why do we pray so much? So i think we pray so much because we have a lot to be thankful for and we have a lot that we need. No one will ever have enough or run out of things to be thankful for. Our Heavenly Father Loves us and wants to talk to us!

      Love you all and thank you all for your letters! They mean so much to me! I am working on writing you all back!

      I love you guys too! Ill talk to you next week! Lots of love and prayers going your ways!
                                                                                         Love, Elder Seelos

Just Hanging out at the Warf

Under the Warf with the Sisters

My Zone - Touch Rugby on the beach

Just a cool road side sign - They have crazy town names down here

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