Sunday, September 27, 2015

Same companion!

Interesting week for me!

So transfers were this week! And GUESS WHAT!? I didn't move. BUT Elder Pennington did. Ha ha. I got a new companion. He's been out for a year and a half. and the best part. Hes from FIJI!!! Hes the only Elder from Fiji in the whole mission!!! And he's my companion! Although he is from the other side of Fiji its still super cool! And because he's from Fiji he can't drive, so that means that I"M DRIVING!!! Isn't that awesome! Well...for me it is! For mom it's probably not! ha ha. I love it! It feels so normal now. Its nice. I love driving so it makes me really happy.   I like Elder Dunn more so far. I got along fine with Elder Pennington, he's just a lot more serious and he was actually pretty trunky. So that was hard. But its always nice to have a change of pace.

So because of the transfers we changed around districts also. We have one set of sisters now and one set of Elders. Its the Elder that broke his wrist. Ha ha. So now we get to take him to the doctor when he has to do stuff cuz they don't have a car so we are now their transport everywhere! YES!! ha ha.

Last Monday was really fun. We had our party for Elder Booth cuz he left on Tuesday. So we played games and had TONS of food! The Dip was a hit! Everyone loved it! We didn't go to bed tell like 2am so it was a super short night! But its all good! I was really tired the next day but it was worth it! Then on Tuesday and Wednesday Elder Long came with me and Elder Pennington cuz he didn't have a Companion so we got to go to the city and I love going there! its sooo fun! 

In response to your question about when I watch  conference...So the week after you do is when ! will watch it!  So yeah! I'm really excited! So don't spoil it for me!! Although we will be fasting through it with the zone. That will be 3 fast Sundays in a row. We fasted yesterday with the mission, next week with the stake and the week after with the zone.  Yeah. Lots of blessings right! haha

So that's really my week. We didn't really get any lessons in cuz we were super busy with transfers all week so we were always doing something. We did get to have one lesson with the Less Active family that we are working with. They are super nice. The parents are like 30ish and they have 2 kids. One is like 7 and the other is like 4 or 5. But they are always really fun! We talked about the Book of Mormon and the Book of Mormon really is amazing, it brings such a sweet spirit to any situation. I made a new goal to give away at least one Book of Mormon a week. Its easy to give out Pamphlets but the Book of Mormon is a lot harder.

So my spiritual thought is about the Book of Mormon. I want everyone to read the Introduction to the Book of Mormon. Its like the 4 page. But I want everyone to tell me one thing that stands out to them and why. 

I will start. Mine is the First sentence in the 2nd paragraph. it says " This book was written by many ancient prophets by the spirit of Prophecy and Revelation." I Like it because it says that it was written through Prophecy and Revelation. The things in the book are things that God told the Prophets to put in there. It wasn't a Journal or a Diary. But a book of Revelation.  

Well  love you lots! Talk to you next week!!!
-Elder Seelos
And he has a Fiji Flag!!!! It makes me soooooo happy!!! I seriously missed that flag! Its so cool!

This is us yesterday by a huge sheep farm we found!

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