Sunday, October 4, 2015

Burritos and Baptisms

 Hey Everyone! How’s life?!  I was really surprised by the response to my Book Of Mormon Challenge! I love hearing about what everyone thought about it! 

    So this week was good! I really really really like Elder Dunn. He is just a good guy. I get along a lot better with him. He is a whole lot better for me. Elder Pennington did more pushing to get me to do things where Elder Dunn motivates me to do things. He doesn't force me to do anything. He just lets me do what I do. Then shows me how I can do better or how to do things. I really like him. He’s really set in the work. He is making me realize how trunky Elder Pennington really was. ha ha. 
     We got taken out to dinner!!!! It was so great! We have become really close to the LA ( less active ) family I talked about last time and they called us at like 4:30 and said "Hey do you have dinner plans tonight?" "No" "Then can we take you out to dinner?" It was so cool. This was right after we had a Chapel cleaning and the dad, Alvin, came. So we went at about 6:20 and we went to Lone Star!!! It was so good! Like real American food! Ha ha. I had a burrito, I miss Mexican food! On that note we have another LA family that we visited yesterday and we were talking and we told her that we went out to dinner the night before and we talked about how the food was and I said how much I miss Mexican food and she said how much she loved it! She lived in Hawaii for a while and has Family in the states so she loves Mexican food so she said that they will feed us sometime this week and will make Mexican for me and the partner will make his "Amazing" Buffalo Ribs. So we will have a good American food! 

     We took Elder Leung to get his cast this week and he now has a big blue cast on his arm. The Lady said that he could just do a Velcro cast but he can’t take it off. Which worried her because most teenage boys our age wouldn't be able to do that. So he got the hard cast! haha. 

     Last Monday we went out to a pier and just played around over there and it was fun.

     And guess what!?!?! WE SET 3 PEOPLE FOR BAPTISM!!!!!! Ha ha. We set our 3 Progressing Investigators for baptism. One is a Mother and her 8 year old son, they will be baptized on the 17th of October. Then the other one is a 9 year old son of a Less Active guy in our ward. But he should be baptized on the 24th of October, but we don't know if it will really happen because the dad won’t bring him to church. So we don't want to baptize him just to baptize him. So that one will probably be moved back. But It’s really exciting! 

      I can't wait for conference next week. One of our investigators wants to come. He really wants to hear President Monson. What sessions did he speak in?

Well I love you all lots! I love hearing about everything that's going on! Love you all!

-Elder Seelos
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