Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cars and Meet the Mormon's....and a sore butt!

This week was interesting. Lots of run around.

So to start off Monday was fun! We went to the beach and were doing the BBQ and then it started to rain  and so we went to the Chapel and ate and played games. 

So now the interesting things. We started the week and we found out Tuesday night that our headlights were out. So we had to use the Fog lights to drive around. So we called the guy in charge of cars in the mission and he didn't answer. So then we waited tell the next day and we were just about to go see a potential that we had named Courtney and we got a call from the Sisters in Avondale and they asked if we knew how to change a tire. We had to go and change their tire. We got there and jacked it up and then we found out that they didn't have a tire wrench so we called the Tongan sisters who have the same car as them. They said they would be like 10 minutes, but then there was an old guy that drove into his drive way. So we asked him if he had a wrench and he did... so we went to get it,  then Sister Slade said she wanted to take the bolts off and she started to twist it and the car rolled off the jack..... right after I spent 10 minutes jacking it up... Yeah. So THEN they put the parking brake on and I jacked it up again and we took the tire off and changed it. 

Right after we left we called the car guy again and he said that we would have to take it to the dealership to get the lights fixed. He also said we should change the tires too and get new ones. So we made appointments to change the tires and fix the lights for the next day (Thursday). That meant that we had to walk that night because we can't drive in the dark without lights. So after studies on Thursday we went to the car dealership which is like 20 minutes away on the motorway. So we took it in and they said it would be like 2-3 hours. So we called the Zone Leaders and they said that they could come get us in 1 hour so we went to McDonald's and got lunch and waited there and we went back to the dealership and they had finished it. Both headlights had burned out.

After that we went to the tire place and as we pulled in we got a call from the Zone Leaders and they needed help because they were on the side of the road out of gas... So we had to drive to the hardware store to get a gas can and fill it up and take it to them. So that took another hour. Then we got the tires changed and we got back to normal things at 4. So useless day.

We have had to bike. We are low on K's (miles) and so because of that we have had to bike. So the last 2 days we borrowed Elder Longs bike and we are biking around our area during the day and then get the car out at night. I don't think i have been on a bike for like 6 months. My butt hurts so bad. 

We have still been trying to work on finding this week but yesterday we had a lesson with an investigator Anthony. He's African. He is like 22 and does painting/lawns/construction during the day. He has a daughter that he has on the weekends and the mom has her during the week. So that makes him really hard to catch and he is terrible at texting back. But we got an appointment yesterday and we got there about 6:40 and he was playing an online game, so we waited tell 7:15 for him to be done with that and then we went into the living room and watched Meet The Mormons with him. The whole thing. He cried!!! It was so cool! I didn't even cry! Which was good! But he loved it. So we are hoping that will lead to some progress that hasn't really been happening. Its amazing how powerful testimony can be. Even simple easy testimony's can invite the spirit and really touch the hearts of everyone. 

Overall I'm good. Transfers are coming up and so I'm torn. I really want to stay because there are people we have started working with that I know I could work towards baptism if I stayed but I would also like to go because I just feel like this area is so slow and  there is so much more I could be doing. But I guess where I go is where I am suppose to be. Transfers are next week.

Mom- Smile and be myself is great advice. Thank you. Like I said this was a hard week and I need to remember to smile and just go for it no matter what.  And don't worry about me needing more money for food. We wont starve! If it came to us having no food we have lots of members that would feed us every day if we really needed it. We have a less active that every time we go to his house we leave with food. He is an RM that served in Salt Lake which is cool. But he knows how we feel so he always either gives us food or gives us cash and tells us to get McDonald's on the way home. So we will be fed fine!

Love you guys all so much! Thanks for the Emails! I have letters I'm sending this week! Sorry I'm super behind!
P-day at the beach
Me and my sweet ride

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