Sunday, November 1, 2015


So as you can tell by the title this week hurt... 

     So last P-day was super lame, we were just at the doctors all day cuz Elder Leung got his cast off. So we were literally there for 3 hours... 3 hours... Yeah, it sucked. I hate free health care. The doctors are so slow, and they really suck... So yeah that's all I will say about that. 

     Every week we meet with our Investigator Steven. Hes the 9 year old boy. His dad is LA (less active) so we have been teaching him for a while but they won't come to church so we have to keep pushing back his date. But this week we went over on Tuesday and Thursday at 4 like normal and both days the son was gone so we just talked to the dad and we read the Book of Mormon with him because he is trying to read the Book of Mormon. So we are working through the Isaiah chapters with him. Its actually really good because its making me really have to listen and pay attention to what it says so I can explain it to him. It actually really has a lot of awesome things in it. It really talks a lot about Christ and the second coming!

     So the other great thing that happened this week is because Elder Pennington is leaving tomorrow he has been just visiting a lot of people and tell them good bye and so he has been in our area a lot and we say him on Thursday and talked with him for a while. Then after that we saw him on Saturday. We were at the chapel at the combined ward Halloween party, combined with our ward and Avondale ward. But we were on trade off with the Zone Leaders so they were both at the party, the sisters from Avondale ward were there, then the Samoan Elders had an investigator coming so they were there, then the Tongan sisters showed up for some random reason. So most of the Zone was there. Haha. But Elder Pennington showed up and we were like what the heck are you doing here and he said he was saying goodbye to Sina and Feagai, So then they came!!! And I was talking to them and we didn't have dinner that night and so they told us they would feed us! So me and Elder Long went and had dinner with them! So Sina said we can stop by and see them whenever now that shes home. That made me really happy. And this will make mom happy, She made me promise that if I ever needed anything at any point of my mission, I have to call her and she will bring it to me where ever I am. So I saved her number if I ever need it! haha. Oh, the other good part of the party was Steven was there! (the 9 year old with the LA dad.) We talked to him and his dad and they were planning on coming to church the next day!

      So we were at church and Steven came!!! Finally! So now we can actually progress to Baptism. He still needs to come 2 more times tell he can be baptized but we are hoping that he will still come! 

     Now the bad part of Sunday, we went to visit a guy that just keeps dropping our appointments and try to set up another appointment, but we parked and got out of the car and the door shut on my finger!!!! It hurt so bad... I was holding it and just pacing around the car saying how bad that just hurt for like 2 minutes solid while Elder Dunn was laughing at me the whole time... And guess what, the guy we went to see wasn't even home... So now my finger hurts and there is blood under the nail and I'm trying to poke a hole through it to drain the blood... I called the Doctor in the mission, Sister Bath (got a cool story), and she said I can try to poke a hole and if it still hurts at transfers that she has a heated needle that she can do it with... So that's the painful thing that happened this week. 

     Now the cool story about Sister Bath, I called her this morning about my finger, and when I told her my name she said she needed to check something and she came back on and said that her daughter from Utah is the girlfriend of one of my uncles best friends. So she looked at it and said that her daughter is dating Bill's best friend! Like what?! Apparently you may already know that, but yeah! haha 

Now about the All Blacks Rugby team....THEY WON!!! Its crazy! 2 world cups in a row! That's the first time ever! It's so cool! 

Love you all so much! Thanks for your emails and your prayers!

Love Elder Seelos
 This is at Browns Bay. We had to go get money for Elder Dunn there from is Aunt. 
Road trip to Browns Bay

Look!! My street!

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