Sunday, November 8, 2015

So yeah.... Transfers.

      So I guess the exciting this this week is all about transfers. So I guess I will just get that out of the way! So Monday night me and Elder Dunn were planning and all of a sudden the phone started to ring, so I picked it up and it said President Bali. So most of the time that we get phone calls from anyone in the mission it’s for Elder Dunn, So I usually just hand it to him, So I said "Here it’s for you!" So he took it and started talking to him and then President said that he had an assignment change for him and he was going to be the new Zone Leader here in Waterview.

     So then right after Elder Dunn accepted President asked to talk to me. So I started to talk to him and he says "Elder Seelos I have an assignment change for you. I want you to stay in your area and be the District Leader then, AND I would also like you to train a new missionary." I answered back with "And Train?" and he said "Yes, We take things serious here in this mission. Are you ok with that assignment?" So Of course I said yes! I literally sat in my chair for 10 minutes after I hung up shaking... I was quite nervous... Like I don't even know my stuff and I'm supposed to teach someone else, and then teach Investigators without the backup help. Like what?! I know that I can do it but I am pretty nervous. So yeah.

     My new companion is Elder Ingles, He is from Australia. He is older than me by 4-5 months. So yeah, it’s strange. He’s a really good guy. He is still pretty shy, but he’s still really good. He opens up more when he knows the people he is around, but he has to warm up to them, so he was pretty quiet the first day then the next day he started to talk more and it was good. I’m just hoping that I can be a good example to him and be able to help him.

      We went to the Zoo on Monday! So that was way cool! I loved it! Lots of cool animals and it was good to get to do something different. They had KIWI'S!!! They were awesome! Haha. It was about the same size as the Utah Zoo but just with some different animals. They had Lions and Hippos and Monkeys and things like that and then like Red Panda's, and Wallabies, and an Emu. So that was pretty cool to see!
      So we got haircuts on Wednesday because we were called by the Zone Leaders and they said that the assistants wanted us to go with them and we were going to go and take some of the new missionaries out for the night. So we went and me and Elder Dunn both got a greenie and we went into the city and just Talked to people there. The Elder I was with was just basically in shock the whole time. It was kind of funny. But it was good!

      So then transfers was on Thursday and we drove there in my car and the Zone Leaders drove their car and they had the trailer and then they had to leave early for an appointment and so they took my car and I drove the trailer home. So I'm glad I learned how to drive a trailer at home.

    On Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference. We had Elder Cummings of the 70 come and preside at the meeting and he spoke at them both. The Saturday session was all about missionary work among the members. Our Recent Convert Mariella spoke about the family that has her over for FHE every week and how they have befriended her and how much that helped and I thought it was really good!

So, Steven wasn’t at church this week. We haven't seen him for a little while so its hard. Danielle, The mom of my recent baptism, hasn’t been coming to church the last few weeks and we are trying to catch her and we can’t get her. So it’s getting hard to see her. But we are having faith

     One thing I have learned this week about light is also that sometimes you are in that dark room and you’re just waiting for someone to turn that light switch and enlighten the path I guess but lots of times you have to work for the light. It doesn't just come. You have to search out the switch only then will the light turn on.

     Love you all so much and I miss you so much!

          Elder Seelos
A great day at the Zoo.... yes those are Kangaroos in the background.

A full flock of Elders

It's a Waterview tradition. It's called a "Nametag Pic"

They took away my car and replaced it with this. The nice thing is that it always remembers
 where we are going. the bad part is the small trunk space.

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