Sunday, November 15, 2015

Learning the role of district leader...

   So this week was actually really good. I really like it here, and I'm having a blast! Last week was kind of hard, I kinda thought I was going  to move because I've been here a while. I was hoping I would move so it was hard last week but this week I have just realized I'm here and I'm staying so lets get to work and do this!  

   So as a district leader I am in charge of looking after 2 other companionship's and helping them in any way I can. I do bi-weekly phone calls with them and get there numbers and talk about the people that they are talking to. Then do studies and trade offs and stuff. The position of a leader is really just to be a servant to the people that you watch over so I am really trying to be a better servant to them! I am in the Waterview Zone. Thats where the City is. So the zone leaders cover the city and we are the outlying suburbs 

    Last Monday we went to the beach and hung out on the rocky area that is usually covered with water but it was low tide so it was open and we just played around and took pictures! So that will make mom happy! haha. I bought a hat on Monday. We can wear it on Mondays so it is awesome to have a hat back on!  It's for one of the Local Rugby League teams called the Warriors.

   So we actually got to do some service this week! The first time my whole mission. We have been trying to set this up with a Less Active family in the ward just doing garden stuff. We have been trying for about a month and a half and we were actually able to do it this week! We weed whacked her flower bed and then we were cleaning up a Palm tree and ripping all the dead leaves off of it and then used a chain saw and I started to trim off all of the stringy hairy stuff on it. So we were there from like 2 to almost 5. It was the BEST day of the week! So this family is a Tongan Lady, Maree. Her daughter is Mariah. And her Samoan partner, Malcom. Both Malcom and Maree were born and raised in the church. Maree in Hawaii and Malcom right in this ward. But it was cool cuz I have been visiting them the whole time I have been here and nothing has moved forward. But she told us that last Monday when they saw us driving Malcom turned to her and asked if she wanted to go back to church. She said she did but only if he came too. So she was there yesterday!!! He wasn't but we will be working with them more now. They are so great, and we love them so much!

    Remember Sina and Feagai? Well they have been home for about 2 weeks now and we have been texting her and she hasn't answered so we were in the area and decided just to stop in. When we got there we talked to the Sister-In-Law and she said that they were both back in Sa (Samoa) because her mom just passed away. So they spent about a week home and then had to go back. So we don't know when she will be back. Just keep her in your prayers. I'm sure that this is hard for her.

   So being district leader is going great! Training is really fun! I have decided that I'm going to do trade off's every Tuesday after district meeting with my Elders. So we had it last week, and it went really well. It really helps me develop  a better relationship with my elders! So I'm loving it!

Mom- I'm excited that you are going to lunch with some of the other moms! That will be so fun! Elder Dalton is actually in my zone. He's in the other district, but I play touch with him every morning! It's sweet az! 

Love you all so much!!!
Love Elder Seelos

My district!

Elder Ingles, my new companion

Playing around at the beach on p-day

Me and my rugby team
Me & Elder Ingles on our first p-day together

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