Sunday, November 22, 2015

Not by my power....

 So this week has been really exciting. Lots has gone on. So I guess I will just start with the topic of the email. This week we have had so many things fall through. Like heaps. But every time we would have blown though our plans something would end up happening. So the first time we were trying to go spend some time with our members and we had like 2 hours devoted to just that. So we were going around and we went through more then half our plans in like 30 minutes. So we were sitting there and like "what is happening?" and I was feeling like something is about to happen, and then like no kidding 30 seconds later we got a call from the Elders in the district and Elder Mahreza was feeling sick and it was wet and rainy and cold and they were far from the flat so he wanted us to come get him. So then that filled a good amount of our time! So that itself was good!

      Then yesterday we had basically the same thing happen. We went through 2 hours of plans in 45 minutes and no one was home. So we had one last backup and it was one I had basically put down because we needed to fill a name so I put it down. It was a Former that we had visited a few times but she really showed no interest so we had put her in the Former list a month ago and she was just in the area so I put her name down. But we decided to visit her. So we go over and she answers and says "oh hello elders!" and we asked her how she was and we started talking and she invited us to come in and chat. So we started to talk to her and she started to tell us about all this stuff that's going on with her children's father and things like that and we started to tell her that we know that Heavenly Father will bless her as she trusts in Him, so we gave her a blessing and we decided to pick her up and we are going to teach her all the lessons again and she is agreed to be baptized! So that was a really exciting day!

       That's my spiritual thought! You may not know what people need or who needs something or who will be ready or who is there for you, but Heavenly Father knows. He not only knows us perfectly, but he knows everyone around us perfectly also. He knows what everyone needs and if you trust in Him and follow His spirit, He will trust you to be a part of His work. You don't have to be a full time missionary to do missionary work.

       So now just about random stuff. Me and Elder Inglis were driving to visit an investigator, his name is Tonu hes a 16 year old guy who I found with Elder Dunn and we taught the restoration but he's been gone ever since so we haven't seen him. So we were trying to catch him and we parked and we looked down the road and there was a white Christmas tree laying there. We decided that if it was there that night when we went home we would snag it. So that night when it was dark we pulled up and Elder Inglis jumped out and grabbed it and threw it in the back seat and we took it home! It was raining all that day so it was wet so we let it sit and we were straightening out the branches all night. So we decided that we would make it a year round decoration in the flat and we were going to have Elders put badges and pictures on it and just let it collect things from Elders in the flat! 

      Last Monday we went Thrift Shopping with the Elders and Sisters. We just messed around the whole time and had fun. It was really fun. 

     Yes we are doing a Thanksgiving Feast. We are having a feast tonight with the zone! We are all really excited! We even got a Turkey. And the Sisters will hopefully be making a pumpkin pie! So hopefully it works out! 

Love you all so much! I'll talk to you soon! Love you!!

Don't try to burn things in plastic buckets

Our new addition

My thrift store shirt is awesome, and I don't have to hear my mom tell me how ugly it is when I wear it!

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