Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mission President, Mothers and Monkey's

So this week was a weird one. But it was good! Lots of crazy stuff going on!

So first off we had Interviews this week. That was on Wednesday, with President Bali. We have them every 3 months! it was really good just to be able to talk to him and just get to know him better because I'm still pretty new in the mission and don't know anyone super well. We talked a lot about just keeping myself going with the confidence that I have as a greenie. He talked about how I need to be the missionaries God wants me to be. And lots of times that isn't always about the outward Success or Numbers. So that was a really good thing that I needed to hear. Mostly cuz our numbers are always down and I feel bad cuz we try all day and our Numbers just don't show exactly what we do. 

Right after Interviews we had a trade off with The Elders in Mt. Albert. They are the only Elders in the Zone that are on bikes. That is the Elder that broke his arm! So Elder Dunn went there and i stayed in my area with Elder Leung (broken arm Elder). We didn't really do too much but it was funny cuz he came out with me so we are both still pretty new in the mission and we just had to figure things out ourselves. Me and Elder Leung stayed in my area, which was good. He made me realize that all my companions have been super chill which is really good! He’s just kind of uptight and doesn't fully understand the purpose I guess. It’s kind of hard to put it into words. I’m just glad that my companions are easy and chill and I love it! It was like he was in bed at exactly 10:30 and was almost like annoyed that I was brushing my teeth and came in 5 minutes later. Idk. I’m just grateful for good companions!

We went and talked to Danielle and Alex Brown that are getting baptized on Saturday and they asked ME to baptize them! Im sooo excited! It will be so cool! My first baptism on the mission! 

We had conference Saturday and Sunday so we got to hear all the amazing talks. One of my favorites was Elder Holland's and I don't think I need to explain why. Conference was soooo good! Lots about Faith and about the Holy Ghost. It made me realize how important the spirit really is in our work. We have to or else we really become worthless. It’s all about sharing the Spirit, It’s not us that teaches. It’s the spirit that teaches. When we really rely on the spirit we will do so much better then when we think we can do it on our own. The spirit is the real converter, not us. When we realize that we will really give ourselves to God and let him mold us like clay we will be made into something amazing that we wouldn't be able to make ourselves.

Elder Hollands talk really hit me hard. It’s amazing how much a mother can mean. Really you have been such a great example to me and have always been there even when I have been a little turd. Haha. You really mean so much to me and I know for a fact that without you I wouldn’t be here in New Zealand Serving a mission. One quote I took from the talk was “Mothers don't just bare you, they bear with you." You really are the most amazing example of a perfect mother. I hope i can find someone that will be as good of a mother to my kids as you have been to me. Sorry for all the times that i have bugged or annoyed you. I just want you to know how much you really mean to me. I love you lots. Now stop crying. I Love you.

So then after Priesthood session we decided to Blitz the city and 3 companionship's of elders went into the city and were just talking to people!  We talked to 20 people in 1 hour. It was awesome! I really do love the city! Elder Dunn had never been to the City before and so it was fun to walk around and watch him in awe of it all. I'm sure I looked the same on my first time in!

After that we then had a Zone Sleep over with all the Elders in the Zone Leaders Flat. We actually got to bed on time which was surprising! When we woke up everyone was telling me that I talked all night in my sleep so that was weird. We are really trying to get zone unity within our zone so we are just trying to do a lot of things together so that we are good and comfortable with each other. So it was good to get to know the Elders better. All the Elders do this thing called "Stacks On!" It’s where one Elder will usually tackle another onto the bed then everyone else will jump on top and then person on the bottom gets squished by everyone's weight. Yes I have had it done to me, yes it does hurt. Yes I have jumped on others, yes it is totally worth it. Ha ha ha.

The other thing that has been going on this week is a weird game that Elder Dunn has started. He will point somewhere or say something that will make me look somewhere then he pulls his eyelid down and when I look back at him it means I fell for it. Its soo strange. But He gets me a lot more times then I get him! haha.  Elder Dunn is awesome! He is just super Chill! When it’s time to work we work when it’s our time we play. But when we are working he is always joking around and we are always laughing! It’s so great. 

I forgot a story!!! This is a stuffed monkey. (Pictured below) He was stolen by me from the Samoan Elders in the Zone. We had him from Monday until Thursday. We told them they could have it back if they bought us a cheese cake. But they never bought us a cheese cake. 

Then on Thursday morning the Zone Leaders came to the flat and we let them in.We are on trade off so it was just me and Elder Leung at the flat. As the Zone Leaders came in the Samoan Elders Burst through the door screaming and yelling. They grabbed the car keys because that’s where the monkey was. As they grabbed the keys I jumped on Elder Nielson to get the keys back. He passed them off and they ran out the door to the car. So I ran after them, in my socks, on the wet ground. And they unlocked the car and me and Elder Nielson jumped in the back seat to get the monkey. I got to it first so I tucked it under my body and slid out of the car. Then I ran inside. The others drove away and we had the monkey. But then we realized they had the car keys.

So we ended up trading the monkey back for the car keys cuz it was a wet rainy day and our jackets were in the locked car. So they got the monkey back and we got no cheese cake. But we will get it back. Don’t you worry. 

Love you Lots!!!

               -Elder Seelos
Our Hostage, the Monkey. 
Me sharing the gospel and a Book of Mormon with Auckland,
at least with a statue of Lord Auckland....
Just Chillin' with Elder Dunn at the waterfront.
That is my Rugby ball, it is the 2015 World Cup ball for New Zealand. 

Just so you don't forget just how good looking I am.... 
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