Sunday, September 20, 2015

X-Rays and Zone Conference

  Hey guys! How are all of you doing at home?

     This week was a lot like  last week.  I guess the highlight this week was trade off!  I went into the city again with Elder Long this time. We had Burger Fuel for lunch then we were making phone calls to talk to some of the Potentials and then at 4 we had a lesson with a recent convert of theirs. During the lesson we got like 5 phone calls. So when the RC ( recent convert ) left we looked and it was the other elders in the zone. They are in the opposite district, Elder Leung and Elder Vetten. We called them back and we found out that Elder Leung had fallen off his bike and we needed to take him to get an X-ray because he may have broken his arm..... It was stressful and very funny at the same time! haha. We called Sister Beckstead, shes the Medical Director for the mission, and she told us to take him to a clinic to get it checked. We picked them up and we took them there. When we got there we found out the X-ray machine was closed and we had to go to a different place to get it checked. We bought some ibuprofen for Elder Leung and he was very suspicious of the drugs we were giving him and he finally took it and it helped he said. So we found the other place and we got an X-ray and he fractured his wrist. So it was a very exciting day!

    We had Zone Conference this week. That was on Tuesday and it was basically all day! It was a lot of sitting and listing. it was really all about goals and raising our goals as a mission and that we can do better. One thing I really took out of it was that I can do better. No matter how good the thing is I'm doing... I can do better and I just need to keep that on my mind that the Lord knows that I can do better and He expects it.  No matter what happened Yesterday just move forward and do better the next day and our Heavenly Father will be happy.
    The other really good thing is I got to help Elder Booth make a video for the Zone. We had pics and videos of the zone and all the stuff we have done and so we worked on it Sunday night tell about 10:30 at the chapel. Then we were going to meet at 7 again to finish it by 9 and we got there and something went wrong and we had to start over... So we had to make a 12 minute video in 2 hours. It was sooo stressful for me because I was kinda the only one who knew what they were doing when it came to editing so I was doing a lot of it. Then we finished it at 9:45 so it took us a while but we got it done and it was awesome! So i really enjoyed that. It felt like I was back at school having to cram a big project into a few hours! haha. I love that feeling!

     I got the package yesterday! Thank you so much for everything!! It was so much bigger than I thought it would be! I really am very grateful for everything! It means a lot and everyone was jealous!  I loved the seasoning salt and the otter pops! I laughed. Everyone was so confused! But I loved all the pictures. Thank you so much.

    So today is Elder Booths last day! He's going home tomorrow and so we are kind of throwing a party tonight. We are just going to have a ton of food and hang out and play risk! It is going to be a lot of fun! But I was wondering if I could get the recipe for Hanni Dip. I wanna see if i can make it!

Love you all sooooo much! Thanks for the letters and the Prayers! They mean so much!
My new haircut!

A really cool hike last week to some caves

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