Sunday, April 17, 2016

Investigator updates and a song....

 Man, this week went by so dang FAST! But thankfully it wasn't Furious! Honestly this week just flew by! I feel like I just wrote an Email. We had a lot going on this week and that really makes the week go by so much faster!

   So to start off we sang at the Come and See yesterday, and I have to say it went pretty great! There was 8 of us all together. The 6 Elders, Brother Mafi, and Elder Martin (A senior couple in the Zone). So we sang in front of like 300 people. I was a bit nervous but it went away fast! The Mafi's are awesome! We practiced like 3 times in the week and we got the song pretty good! It was really cool to get to be with the missionaries that much! 

     We were able to have Trade off with Elder Dalton and Elder Mahony. I got to stay in our area with Elder Mahony. Elder Mahony is from Perth, Australia. He goes home in August, so he is starting to finish up. He is really great and he knows a lot! He is a great missionary! One thing I was able to learn from him was to stay awake! He has a problem of ALWAYS falling asleep! So it was fun to get to scare him in the car while he fell asleep! 

      Sunday was GREAT! The Isaako family came to church! So that was really cool! We have been working with them a lot trying to get them to church! So we got to talk about Baptism with them because Jordan wants to get baptized in the Catholic Church. So that's weird... But their Mom, Gmelina was apparently a member at one point, so she wants them to be baptized in our Church. We figured out also on Sunday that she has no records. So she isn't a member, So we get to now try to work with her and get her married and baptized! So now that meant 2 New Investigators! Because Ruban is 8 so he isn't a ward baptism anymore. That was a Huge Miracle! 

       We have been visiting one of our Youth a lot this week. He is 14 and was baptized like 2 years ago. He is the only member in his family, and the family is not a great place for him to be. His mom is crazy, She was an investigator that we dropped because she is crazy, his Brother/Sister wants to be a Girl, and his other Brother is a hard out druggie/drinker. So he really just needs the continuing support! The Young Men's President is Awesome and really does his best, but we have been visiting David just to keep him going. He really is a great kid. He walked to 3 sessions of conference, and came to our Fireside last night! He's so great! 

I'm reading a lot of different things right now!  One thing I am studying right now is the New Testament! Its cool to really read it through! I am hoping to finish it next transfer.  It's actually REALLY good!  Then I want to go into the D&C. 

Well that's my week! As my Brother Tyler would say "That was the Scenic Route through my week!"

Love Ya! Love Elder Seelos
Elder Bass and I eating an apple, dad says at least it's not a donut!

Emailing home today!
Sister Mafi is the BEST!  Pizza lunch break at the Mafi's house.

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