Sunday, September 4, 2016

Shakin things up!

    Well, it was a shaky week! We did have an Earthquake here in the NZ (Btw if you say that you have to say the Z like it says Zed... Stupid Kiwi's!). So the Earthquake was WAY down South. It happened at about 4:30 in the morning. So I was completely knocked out! Didn't even phase us! Some members said that they felt it. So it was felt here, everyone was just asleep! So it didn't do anything for us. So for everyone who was worried, I am fine. Although I can now say I have been in an earthquake!

      So we had MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) this week! I always love MLC... getting to go to the Mission Home & Office! Its always a fun day! I love getting to go and see all of the Missionaries. There are a lot of missionaries that I have gotten pretty close to! At MLC we talked heaps about accountability in the mission and within the zone among all of the missionaries! So we have been focusing on how we turn in our numbers and more importantly how we account to Heavenly Father in our prayers, Personally and in our Companionship's. After that we talked about what kind of missionary we are. We talked about what missionary we are expected to be and how we can become that kind of missionary! THEN we talked about how to use our Family History to share the Gospel. So we did some discussion and then we did some Role Plays. It ended up being a really good MLC and also a great Zone Training!

      I want to tell you about one Miracle that we saw this week! Elder Boyack and I were wanting to talk With everyone on our beautiful Tuesday afternoon, we saw a man on the side of the road and pulled over our 2013 baby blue Toyota Corolla to the side just down from this man. So we got out and started to talk to this Mouri man in about his 50's. Well, as we talk to him, he tells us his story about how he was baptized and has since gone Less Active. He was told by God to find himself and then God would bring him to church again one day. Well apparently that one day was the day before we had met him. The only problem was that he didn't know when or where the church was. So we told him and then we set up a time on Thursday to go and see him again. Well, long story short. He was a really cool guy. He was trained as a Family History Consultant while he was active. On Sunday we had Stake Conference and He came. He found us after and heaps of members knew him from the Stake. He is going to be awesome in our ward! 

     We are teaching a girl named Dora. She is about 16 and is SO Cool! They sisters found her and taught her one lesson. Her dad is a less active member and the mom is really open and interested in the gospel, but is really busy at work, so we are only teaching Dora. We had a mean Restoration lesson with her on Friday! It ended up being like and hour and a half. We just did it on the steps out front of her house because she was home alone. But she said that she would maybe get baptized. She was at church last week but had family fly in yesterday so they couldn't come yesterday! But we will see her again sometime this week! 

       For Stake Conference we had some big news! Our Stake Presidency was changed around! It was pretty cool to see how it happens! There were interviews on Friday and Saturday for it by the New Second Councilor of the Area Presidency, and another Area Seventy. So there are 2 Bishops in the new Presidency and the Seminary Teacher from our ward. We are hoping for some great changes in the Missionary Focus within the Stake!

     Thanks for everything! Love you!

          Love Elder Seelos!

Had a great lunch with a guy who served in our area a few years ago.  He knew Elder Boyack,...Him and his wife Susan took us to a Mongolian BBQ place.  

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