Sunday, August 28, 2016

Back to Henderson!.........

 So the big thing this week. Yes, I am back in Henderson!... but I am in the Henderson Valley Ward this time. Opposite side of the Stake as the last time in Henderson... To be honest when I heard this news I was less than excited... I was planning on not coming back here for a LONG time... But looks like the Lord needs me here. And I have already seen that! My view and attitude to this area have changed a lot since I have been here! Elder Boyack (My new comp) and I have seen heaps of Miracles in the last 5 days!

      Tuesday was a hard day. It was very hard to say goodbye to all of the families that I got so close to in the last 6 months in Favona Ward. I look at that ward as if it is my home ward! I came to love that ward and the people there so much and I never wanted to leave. I guess it is time though! I am excited for the chance to get to know a new ward and a new area. Hopefully it becomes as big of a place in my heart!

       So I wanna start off with the first miracle that we saw on the first day of the transfer. So we dropped our stuff at our flat and got everyone sussed out and then we got to work. We started to drive around and we didn't even know where our area was. We decided to park and tract some doors. So the first house....... Nothing. The second house........ Nothing. The third house........ Elizabeth answered the door! As we started to talk to her she told us that her Partner was a member and they had just moved into that house 2 weeks ago. We set up an appointment and were happy as! We then went to the next door and before we even got to the door someone opened it and called us over. So we talked to her and she told us that she was a member that has just moved over from Australia a week ago. She also said that her 2 sons (10,9) were not baptized and she wanted them to be baptized! Unfortunately we went back and she told us that they got a house in Otara and were moving in a week. So it helped us to have faith in the area, but didn't turn into anything.

      Another note, I had a very happy and touching experience on Saturday night. We got a call and they asked for me. So Elder Boyack handed me the phone and the person told me that it was Alvin. I was very confused... It was Alvin from Titirangi ward (my first area). They had just moved into Henderson Stake and the missionaries came over and when the sisters went over they asked about me. Then they got my number from the sisters and called. It was really cool to see that they still remember me. We are going to go visit them sometime this week!

      Elder Boyack and I are overall just trying to get our bearings. We are brand new into the ward and so we have basically no idea what is going on. There is heaps of work that we get to move forward we are just trying to still figure out where and how to start! We are excited to get to do the work though!

      Elder Boyack is from LA, and goes home in October. So he is finishing up, this will be his last transfer. He is not trunky at all though! He is going hard! He has big goal! It will be interesting to see what happens with him this transfer. He is VERY different than Elder Summers. But he is really great! He is going to really push me this transfer. I will hopefully grow a lot! 

     We are hoping to be better on our feet by next week and know what is going to be happening!

Love Elder Seelos!

My buddy George

Isa'ako Fam

Mamma Lynne.  I will miss her!

Bro Leifi

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