Monday, August 8, 2016

New Investigators!!!

   Well this week was a great one! We had an awesome week! Well first half of the week.

 I am going to start out with our miracle this week! Just a bit of back ground. 1. We have not had a New Investigator for a few weeks, and its kind of discouraging. Its a really good and big thing to get a New Investigator cuz it doesnt happen every day! Not even every week. 2. We have been working with a Returning Member for a while, Sister Kavea. We would usually go over and visit and share a message with her and she has been coming to church, So she has been progressing very well! Now to start the story! It was Monday night we had an appointment with a Tongan guy named Folou. So we decided to take Brother Mafi with us. We went and picked up Mafi and then went to the house. Well he was busy... So we couldn't meet with him. We tried a few other houses with Mafi, then decided to just go and drop Mafi off and ended up talking to them for a while. Well at about 8:30 we got a text from Sis Kavea (The Less Active). Her text basically said "Hey Elders, would yous be able to come over before you go home and give my cousin a blessing?" So we said yes and left the Mafi's and went to her house. at about 8:45-9. We went in and we met Sarah, The cousin. Sarah is half white and half Maori. She had some stuff happening in her life that basically she thinks is Bad spirits kind of thing. Maori's are very Spiritual People and have a lot of spiritual traditions and belief's, kind of like the Native Americans. Well she was at a Funeral and she thought from some things that had happened while she was there she was being cursed, or haunted kind of thing. So she wanted comfort. Well we gave the blessing and it was a really cool blessing that ended with the idea that God wasnt cursing her but was trying to get her closer to Him. In the End it was a mean blessing. Then we left. So we didn't know if anything would come from it but a good experience for her. Well we were wrong. We got a text from Sister Kavea on Tuesday Night at about 10 while we were planning. Sister Kavea asked us if we could set up a time that we could go over the next day (Wednesday). Of course we said yes. So we went over on Wednesday at 7 and taught her. She has no belief in God at all. She knows he is there but thats about it. So we taught her about how God is her loving Heavenly Father and then taught her how to pray. She had a lot of awesome Questions that we loved getting to answer. So Sarah is 24 and has 2 kids, 6 year old boy and 2 year boy. No Husband or Partner. The beginning of the lesson was weird... We had to bring a member with us so we could get in because they didnt have a man in the house. Well we brought Brother Lese. It was just interesting... He talked for so long and we couldn't get much in for the first hour... It was weird. We were happy we could get him with us but it ended up being a weird experience. Well long story short we will see Sarah again Tonight and have an FHE with the family. So wish us luck!

    Another Highlight of the week was Church on Sunday! The Isa'ako's asked me to bless the kids. So because Tyson (7) and Kingston (4) are not old enough to be baptized and they were never blessed as babies they needed to get blessed. So Sister Isa'ako asked me to bless them both. I was honestly pretty Nervous... They went well though and now they are blessed!

    We were able to see a lot of the people that we had wanted to and ended up having a great week visiting! Other than Saturday. Elder Summers was sick on Saturday and we spend most of the day in the flat. That was literally the worst. So that was basically the Highlights of the week!

    One thing that has stuck out to me this week is how when we honestly and truly pray to our Father in Heaven about the things we need he will ALWAYS give you what you need. Every time he will make things work out! So PRAY!

Love you, Love Elder Seelos!

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