Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dogs and Trade offs.....

 This week was a good and interesting one... It was kind of hard to be honest. But oh well!

     So this week we had 3 appointments with Sarah this week... All 3 of them dropped... They texted the day of every time and said that they had to change it... So now we will see her tomorrow and see what happens... But all good I guess! She was sick over the weekend and so she couldn't come to church, but I guess that is alright. We will see what will happen with her...Just keep her in your prayers! 

     Elder Summers and I had 2 trade offs this week! I stayed in Favona both times, which ended up being really good! On Tuesday I was with Elder Fonua from Tonga. We did a lot of visiting and just seeing people that we don't normally see! It was good to be on trade off considering that we hadn't done a trade off since the beginning of the transfer. Then on Thursday we had another trade off and I was with Elder Leung in Favona. We did a lot of walking and tracting, which is something that Elder Summers and I don't usually do, So I liked that.

    Crazy story of the week! On trade off with Elder Leung we went to go and visit a less active family in our area. So before we knew that they had dogs that were tied up but one of them had gotten hit by a car and the other choked itself on its chain. So we were no longer worried about the dogs at that house. Well Elder Leung and I went walking up to the door and knocked once, twice, thrice. No answer... As we turned around to go I saw something walk out from the side of the house... Yes, it was a dog... A big dog. Well it turned and froze and we froze. We just stood there looking at each other... Then I slowly stepped back against the door and as I did that, the dog started to bark and get angry... So I started to knock on the door louder hoping that someone would come to the door. I knocked twice and no answer... So I started to think about how I was going to kick the dog and get away from it... Right then the door opened. That is when we met Mary-Ann. She is like 24ish. She came to the door and told the dog to shut up and then started talking to us. She is wanting to make changes in her life and become a better person and specifically a church person for her baby who is coming. So we committed her to pray and to find where she needed to go. Then we left. Then the dog jumped up again... It was basically sniffing Elder Leung it was so close! Well the lady called off the dog and we got out of there so fast! It was crazy! I think that Satan puts dogs in places to deter the missionaries from going there. That's what I learned this week!

    Sunday was a really great day! We had an Early morning meeting with all of the missionaries, bishops, and Ward mission leaders in the stake with the Stake President. We talked about missionary work and the Stake President committed all of the bishops to commit the ward councils to give us all referrals.  So after church Bishop called an Emergency ward council and committed the presidencies in all 8 auxiliaries to give us a referral by next Sunday.  So that would be around 32 referrals... That would be a record! We got one from our Elders Quorum President right after the meeting, so we will see how this goes!

     I hope that everyone has a good First week at School! Love You!

                 Love Elder Seelos!

My Zone

Scavenger Hunt at the mall 

Safety is important in our mission

Kiwi bird

High took us like 10 tries to get this picture!

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