Sunday, August 14, 2016

Great investigators!..lots of meetings....

Hey Family!  

     We had good week! Monday was MEAN! We had our lesson with Sarah and the Kavea Family with President Seve, Our Elders Quorum President because we are trying to get him and his wife fellow shipping Sarah. We showed up to the Lesson and they had made us Dinner because Sister Kavea knows we don't get fed on Mondays. So Elder Summers and I ate but Seve had already eaten which turned out to be really good! While we ate he sat and talked to Sarah, and just got to know her. So that ended up being really cool and we can now use that for our benefit to help her feel more comfortable! We had a small family home evening planned where we played a game and her son loved it and had HEAPS of fun! Using the game we talked about the Scriptures and just explained what the scriptures were and how they can help us and answer questions. Well after we did that we were thinking we were going to start to finish up. Well we asked her if she had any questions... Well that was a good/bad question... She answered with Um... Yes! What is this? What does that mean? Just heaps of questions! It was really good! It was super cool we got to answer questions all night and ended up taking ages and had a very long lesson! It ended up being really cool though! So we finished up and were leaving and asking when we could come back. As we were doing that Sarah stood up while holding her 2 year old son. Well he was acting weird most of the time. So we talked to her about when we could come back and she said Friday, well before she could tell us a time her son Jordan threw up all over the floor... Then again. and again. and again. and again... All over the floor... So then we just gapped it! It was pretty nasty.

     So we went back on Friday to see them again. This time we took Brother Mafi. Long story short we took 2 hours to teach her Faith and Repentance. It went really well and she still had heaps of questions for us to answer so we took a really long time! We committed her to come to church also. Which she actually came! It was AWESOME! We were so excited to see her at church! It made me so happy when I saw her walk in. Unfortunately she had to leave after sacrament because her son Jordan hit his face on the bench and gave himself a black eye... Yeah, I thought it was kind of funny though!

     Other than that we had heaps of meetings this week. We had MLC and then we had Interviews and then we had Zone training 3 days in a row... So that took out heaps of time, which made the week feel like we got nothing done. Which is never a good feeling. Over all the meetings went well though!

     We were able to make a girl we have been seeing an official New Investigator this week. Her name is Tash. We were finally able to teach a real lesson. We have been visiting her for like a month now. She lives with one of our less actives, Ashwini. They are Fijian-Indian who have lived here for a while now. So Tash just moved up to Auckland from Wellington and is Baptist but doesn't really go. We invited her to be baptized and she said she would think about it. We have high hopes for her!

    For P-day today we are going to play laser tag with President and Sister Balli!  Should be a blast!

Love you all! Love Elder Seelos

Mission Leadership Conference

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