Sunday, July 31, 2016

My hump week....and "hang loose!"....

I am going to be honest, this week was a slow as week when it comes down to missionary work... It was kind of stink.

    So starting off, on Monday night Elder Summers and I went to visit a member family at around 8. Well we popped the boot to get our scriptures out of it. (note from Mason's mom...I had to ask what the heck "popped the boot" meant!  It's to open the trunk for anyone else as confused as I was!)  Well we got them out and then we shut the boot and well, it didn't shut. We slammed it again... and nothing. We tried for like 5 minutes to shut the boot of the car and it just wouldn't shut... That sucked. Well we ended up using a belt and a cloth strap we had in the car to tie the boot down and drive it back to our flat. That took the rest of the night. The next day we planned on calling the mission office and then taking it in that morning and getting it fixed. Well we called and no one answered... We then realized that everyone would be at the first Mission Tour. So we couldn't drive it around open, so we just biked... We ended up biking that entire day. It was actually really cool though! It ended up being an awesome day! Then we got it fixed on Thursday.

     Wednesday was a great day also! We got to go to a thing called a Mission Tour. It was just a Zone Conference, but Elder Haleck from the Area Presidency was there and presiding in the meeting. So we got to learn from President Balli, Elder Haleck, and their wives. It was cool... but kind of boring... I love learning from President Balli, he can really impact me! He is an amazing guy!  Elder Haleck's training was kind of boring... He just basically did a scripture reading... Heaps of scriptures... It was good but boring. There was a lot of talk on teaching baptism and how important Comp study is. It was cool, but then President Balli talked about how we need to be giving our investigators commitments that will help them. Then how to give and commit people! I felt like it was just the advise I needed!  

     So now a funny as story about church on Sunday! There is a guy named Robert that Elder Bass and I found that we found out is Less Active Member. Well we have been bringing him to church for a while.  He came to church with another Less Active member that he has become friends with. So Robert is a pretty big guy. He is shaped like a Pear on legs.. Well during sacrament he moved to two new seats then back into his original seat... Every time he moved his pants would fall down his butt and then his shirt would come up and he would have a big Crack showing as he walked around the chapel. After that, we had combined class for 3rd hour. Well as our bishopric was announcing opening exercises, Robert stood up and pulled out his phone and took a picture of the bishopric... It was so funny! We then sang the opening song, He recorded the man sitting behind him sing the whole thing.... THEN the bishopric was doing announcements and Robert stood up again! Then he pulled out his phone and took ANOTHER picture! It was dead silent and the phone made the camera click noise. The best part of the whole thing is right before he took the picture the 2nd time our Bishop leaned over and put up a Hang loose sign without cracking a smile. The ENTIRE ward was laughing! It was literally so funny!

         The Isaako's were at church this week! It was awesome! We saw them a few times this week! They are one of my favorite families! Also the Mafi's got back from Tonga. We were very happy when they got home! They brought us Flip Flops, Lollies, and fresh Coconuts!

     It is amazing and terrible to know that I am a year out. I honestly don't feel like I have been out that long! It is so weird! I don't feel like I know enough or have seen enough to be halfway  done... I don't really want to ever come home. Well I do and I don't... Its weird... Its like those vacations you never want to leave but you miss your bed and house and friends... Bitter Sweet.

Love you! Have a great week!
Elder Seelos
The traditional "Burning of the shirt" for my 1 year mark!

Elder Summers

Me and Brother Mafi

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